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Prague - Part 2

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So, as promised in the previous thread, here comes the next part of my Prague adventures...

The day started with an early morning flight to Prague, and a couple of business meetings. And that made the end of the official part of the trip, and from here on it is holiday time. The first step was to check in at the hotel, and that also gave me the first positve surprise. I had booked a suite at Hilton, because prices here a quite good compared to for example Copenhagen or London. But because the hotel was filled up with familys with kids (some kind of conference), they had upgraded me to their Apartment Suite - and that is one of the best (if not the best) rooms I have had in my whole life (and I have tried many rooms in many different hotels). If I should find something with the room that could have been better, it would be if they replaced the (big) bath tub with a jacuzzi...

For this first evening, I had made an appointment with a girl from Slovakia. She is based in Bratislava, but does most of her work in Vienna and also in Prague. While she claims she is advertising a lot, the way I found her was through a forum and a review page. Now, her webpage would normally not trigger my attention because it describes a person that would not fit very well with my personal preferences - but because of the review I actually decided to give it a try. The meeting was setup through email last week, and she was easy and fun to communicate with. I assumed that she, like many others, was a bit creative with her age on her webpage. There she claims to be 19, so I added the "VAT" and guessed she would be around 22-24. The meeting was setup as an overnight, and I had suggested starting with a dinner. She likes asian food, and suggested a restaurant that exists in both Bratislava and Prague (she had not been in the one in Prague). When I checked the restaurant it had great reviews, so I made a reservation there.

She came a bit early to the hotel (I was still in the shower), and this caused some problems that could have ended the evening. Appearently someone else at the hotel had also made an appointment with a girl, and missed her (he was too late, or she did not show up). So my date got picked up by him - and it took a few minutes before she realized it was wrong. Luckily she did not turn of her phone once they had met, so while he was stilling opening some bottle of wine I got hold of her and it all sorted out good (except for that the other guy was probably not so happy anymore). It gave us a good laugh, at least.

I am always a bit nervous when meeting someone for the first time - especially since I with very few exeptions book overnights. When I met her in the lobby, there was three things that I noticed within seconds. One, I was not nervous anymore (don't ask me why, I still did not know her at all, but that is how it was). Two, she had most likely not been adjusting her age on the web page - she did not look a day older than 19. Three - she was, in my opinion, very, very beautiful. We went to the room, and she explained what had happened before we met, and we took care of the financial part of the meeting. By now, I started to be a bit worried about her age - I prefer girls that are a bit older (and therefore has more life experience), and I said something in the style of "oh, you look so young". Apperantly she was used to this, and misunderstood it as I thought she was even younger (maybe not even legal age) so she offered to show her passport to verify her age. Anyway our dinner reservation was quite soon, so we went directly to get a taxi to go there.

During the dinner she showed that despite her young age, she can conversate as good as anyone twice her age. If I would guess her age based on what she says and what she does (but not how she looks) I would have guessed around 25. And yes, it was a very nice experience sitting with this beauty and having a nice dinner. I can really recommend the restautrant, https://www.sasazu.com Great asian food, in a very nice atmosphere. They have a DJ playing music, and it is maybe just a bit too loud for having a business dinner (if you want to talk business, that is) but otherwise perfect.

Once back at the hotel and the nice room, we spent the next hours switching between having fun in the bed and talking in the bed. She is equally good at both! I usually don't write a detailed list of sexual things I do with the girls I meet, because it is after all something personal and what a girl does with one customer might not be the same as she does with someone else. And I will stick to that here as well. What I can say is that all skills that she haves, she masters to perfection. On her web page she does list some services, and while we did not go through the whole list, I am confident that no one would be dissapointed with a meeting with her. She did say that most clients want spend most of the time having sex, and that is what she is used to and kind of expects of a meeting. But that did not make her less good for someone like me that prefers a more relaxed meeting. We also got a good sleep, and when I started writing this she had just left the room to go back home

Will I return? Yes, for sure. But the next meeting will be longer, and maybe in another city. We talked about London as a nice place to meet for a weekend, since we share some interests in musicals and theatres for example.

I will of course not hide from you who the girl is, her name is Diana and she can be found here: http://dirtydianaescort.com/

The total cost for the evening: €900 including her transport from Bratislava, plus ~€120 for the restaurant and taxi to and from it.

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