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Sorry for the english text, but it is either that or swedish... This way hopefully more people can enjoy it. 

The story behind this post begins in the summer 2015, when I was visiting Prague for work. Before I left home, I had done some research, but made the mistake to think that all details could be handled once I was there. I had 3 nights available for "fun" and I hade made a shortlist of four escorts that I planned to contact. The idea was to meet one each evening (but it was not three days after eachother), so one "spare" just in case. This failed big time - I did not manage to setup a meeting with any of them, mainly because I contacted them too late (like a day or two before the planned meeting day). 


Instead, I ended up using one evening at AAA Club, and then I found two escorts that I managed to setup meetings with on the actual meeting day. Both have quit working (or at least closed their pages), so the only thing I will tell is that it was a waste of time and money. Both were overnights, priced at the quite common rate in Prague, €800. The AAA Club was a quite ok place, but this kind of club is not really my thing so I ended up going home after about 4 hours. I did have a good time there, though - with a lot of laughing and quite some drinks with the girls.


Here the story could have ended, and it would have fallen into the far away part of my memory where these kind of experiences gets stored. However, destiny wanted it different...


Some time before christmas 2016, I was booked on a workrelated trip to Prague again. Given the bad result of the last trip, I did not really plan to arrange any activities except for work. All the girls I originally had planned to meet had also stopped, and I was not really ready for more trial experiences in that city. However, more as a routine, I did check up on a Prague related forum and to my surprise found that the most-wanted girl on my previous list actually had started again. Given the great feedback she has received before, I could not resist trying to meet her. I sent a text message just before I entered the flight, and did not expect any success. But when I landed, I received a message saying she was available. So I confirmed the meeting, and rushed to the hotel to get ready. Here is the review I posted on C69 after the meeting:


"Melissa is a fantastic girl! She looks fantastic! She is funny. She has a sharp brain. And she knows all of this, and she is not shy when it comes to saying so. Many people would be appearing cocky if they were in the same situation, but Melissa does not. It just makes here look and appearance even better. Her website is representing her well, except for that she is much more beautiful in real life (but the pictures are of her, and they are 100% accurate). Her english is also very good, way better than most other people I have talked to in Prague. 
If you are looking for the kind of experience you get in the clubs or the privates, then maybe Melissa is not the best choice. Or maybe she is. But if you have a little bit more time, and you know how to treat a girl with respect, then it is well spent time. It did not take many minutes to forget that this was a paid date. I would say she provides what should be the definition of GFE. That fits me well, since that is what I prefer. But I am quite certain that there is a more naughty side of her as well...

I don't like writing about the details in bed, because it is something that is depending on both of the involved persons. Again, treat her well and I don't think you will be disappointed. Most important was that we had fun, from we met until she left in the morning. I did not get the hours of sleep I normally need, but it was worth it!

Will I return? Very soon, I hope! She has set an overall level that few, if any, others in Czech can match

The girl in question is Melissa, that can be found here: http://www.melissaderouge.com


When I am writing this post, I have just finished packing my bag, and tomorrow I am on my way back to Prague for one day of work, and some holiday. Encouraged from the meeting with Melissa, I have already setup a new meeting with her, and I also have some other plans. So there will be a few more parts to this story, that I will post during or after my trip.


Hopefully this can be to some help for someone.. :-)

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