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I am gonna write this one in English since I know Alice has a profile here and likely will read it as well.

just visited http://escortguide.dk/P/alice-supersexy-natural-beauty-26123.html  and she is an absolute sweet heart - stunning pretty and with a cool personality. 

Looks exactly like the pictures so not much to add here. I took the 30 min cocktail and my performance was a joke - she was so hot and I could have come within 5 minutes :-) lasted a bit longer (read : like 2 minutes). Her performance and her service is good and charming and I felt very welcomed - we chatted a bit about this and that and she gave a massage to add up the time (which she also is good at) 

Everything is done with a condom (suits me perfectly fine), but if there is one thing that I can mention which I missed - it's kissing. I would have loved to kiss such a pretty girl, but at the same time I likewise respect that's something that she keeps private

Overall - she is a stunning, cool chick and enjoyable to hang out with. 

Lastly - her English skills are better than average which I find very likable. 

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RoccoRoc skrev, for 17 timer siden:

I am gonna write this one in English since I know Alice has a profile here and likely will read it as well.

Svjh plejer bestyrelsen her på siden at påpege at man skal skrive på dansk. Og meningen er vist heller ikke at skrive til pigerne - det kunne du jo gøre i en privat besked.;-)

Men husker jeg forkert eller er "kys" ikke "bare"  en ekstraydelse?

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To Electric

Good evening, 

i was really friendly and nice to you until you started to talk about money, apartment, pimps.... And when you asked me if I'm afraid of pimps and if they kidnap me :o .... That point I asked you "can we just stop talk about this?".  I think this topic is not normal... Ans you asked abnormal things... 

You wanted a position what I don't prefer because I cannot do that for long time, but I told you we can do. You became rude and prim after I pleased you to stop talk about that things, so I was also 'cold' with you... Thats all ;)

have a nice evening


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