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Two-day Venture pt.1 - Amy Amager

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I'm back!

Thought I'd share my two latest visits with you all. Starting with Amy Amager!

The deal/contact
Quick, easy responses with appointment booked on the same day(I had another appointment that fell through due to selfie request).

Booked an hour with COB and Superfrench.

The location
Quiet and discrete neighbourhood in Amager. However seems like her neighbours are quite nosy with what's happening in the building.
Apartment was quite cozy and a nice bathroom.

The girl
Amy is definitely the girl in her pictures. However I would argue some images(especially those shown on Nympho.dk) are done by a very professional photographer/editor so keep expectations accordingly. She is a nice person, but also very professional/on the colder side. Maybe just our chemistry, who knows, I've read both good and bad here but wanted to add my take on it.

Communication-wise there were no problem at all.

The deed
Additionally when there I figured why not try some B2B massage and for a first time experience it was really nice. Had a bit of worked up muscle tension which was sorted.

The blowjob was nice but as someone mentioned she cleans you with tissue very often which is quite the turn-off. Inbetwen there was some handjob, which in my opinion not too good, felt very robotic/rough.

Sex was fine, got to try some different positions, and ended doggy, where I came on her ass. As I was quite pent up, I accidentally came over her back and apparently a small part hit her face(sorry again Amy if you read this!).

The aftermath
Had brought a bottle of wine which we opened, shared a glass, after which I got dressed and left.

I did not feel quite satisfied so I decided to go another round day 2 in which I hit jackpot.

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