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først, undskyld for min lørt dansk, jeg er lige flyttet her, so resten af artiklen skal være på engelsk.
and also I’m very new to the community so if there’s something I’m doing wrong please inform me!

alrighty, to the matter at hand.


this beautiful lady has been on my mind lately, and I couldn’t find any reviews, so I wanna know if there’s anyone here that can shed some light on her. She has a verified account on nympho.dk so I’m currently not doubting the authenticity of the pictures.

please answer in danish if that’s more comfortable, It’s good practice for me, and I’ll just use translate if I don’t understand :)

thanks in advance,


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Thanks, I’ve seen that before.

i doubted that’s the same person since these are two different profiles and two different phone numbers. Please enlighten me if I missed something..

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Hey guys,

just here to update, thank you for the messages helping me out. I met with Emma and had an amazing time, had 2 wonderful hours with her in her cute and clean apartment.

Emma has to be one of the purest and most easy going, natural girl I had the privilege to spend time with, truly an unforgettable experience from a beautiful girl.

She cares about how you feel, she will ask you if you’re having a good time and the answer will always be yes!

Absolutely an experience I would like to live again, and surely a girl I would go to when I feel lonely and need to get my spirits lifted.

was a pleasure,


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