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Hi party ppl!

So I watched Angela’s (https://www.escortguide.dk/P/angela-44994.html)& Cristina’s (https://www.escortguide.dk/P/cristina-44993.html) ads. Seems their ads got up the same day, as I arrived and also they got other pictures now. When the first ad got up they looked very much the same as Ella’s I have reviewed before (she changed to Shakira) and it was Ella/Shakira as I can see she got same face and call herself Cristina now.

Anyway I text Angela to ask if she was avaible, no answer suddenly she call back to me. Said you want me? (quite good English it was probably Cristina, didn’t sound like Melissa). We arranged a meeting, so sent my adress and they said it willl take some time. No problem, but they call me just a minute after we first booked. Before they arrived they wanted me to get down to the lobby to meet up, I said several times she could use the elevator due she didn’t need a hotel key. When their driver called (pimp?) he said that they were in the lobby, so I looked to the entrance and saw two girls (thought they were some hotel guests), but it seems to be Sexy Melissa and Angela behind her. Melissa recognized me started to hug and kissed me, not what I wanted ”a scen” ;)

Melissa explain that Angela didn’t speak any English at all. That’s what I understood from Melissa. Melissa talked and talked first in German and than other languages with me (that’s why I think it was Cristina who spoke over the phone). Of what Melissa said I understood that she wanted me to booke her and Angela or If she mean, Angela/Cristina for a meeting the day after and laugh (as I said she did: ”a scene”). Luckly it wasn’t that much people in the lobby that time. She kissed me and hugged, slapped my ass and said in English: have fun you too, but before she left she said something too Angela. Angela giggle a little and than hugged me before she took my hand and we went to the elevators. First we had one for usself and because of that We start to look at each other (I remember I had my hand on Angela’s back, who was the way down to Angela’s ass, I saw she got nice tights on), when suddenly a foot got between the doors just before they closed, it was an older couple and the man got in and split us up in the elevator (remarked it was space for us four so it wasn’t crowded). I asked him why he did that, he didn’t answer looked up at me (maid grumpy noice). I moved his luggage to get closer Angela, he looked at me like I should take it. We get back to hold each other felt Angela’s hand on my back and she finally grab one of my ass cheeks. We got to our floor, so showed Angela to go first than the old guy put his luggage in front of Angela, so she stopped up. I went before her took his luggage in one hand and Angela’s hand in the other. Looked down on him once more and said: ”an elder man like you should be an gentleman, but you look like one who lack manners”. He looked at his bag while we got out with it (he blocked the exit with it). When I got out I put his luggage in the elevator. Looked in to his wife’s eyes and said directly to her: ”You are lucky madame that some in the younger generation still are gentlemens, have a good day, madame”. She got quite embarrased and said: ”thank you, sir”. The doors closed behind us Angela giggled once more and hugged me while she took my hand and hold it hard until we got to my room (liked I saved her life). I also laughed some.

While in the room she try to say something I didn’t understood (she later told me, she was from Romania), I answered in English. Than she said she spoke French better. We actually went quite good remember she said that my French was very good (should call my French teacher).

We sat up the finance, Angela is very petite and as I wrote before she had very tight pants exactly what I want. So it didn’t took long before I had my hands on her ass, she was trying to pull her pants off, but I stopped her. We start to kiss each other instead, she was very into the tounge kisses, something I get quite turned on. After some very wet/sloppy kisses (we had undressed ourself) we went to the bed. We sat down and kissed some more, Angela start to stroke my dick outside my underwear while we kissed I try to reach for her ass (quite diffucult when we sat down).

She than told me to get comfy, so she stand up (while I put my underwear off, same as she did) and I lay mesyld down than she sat down and start to kiss around my dick, before her tounge start to lick around it. Quite a turn on until she swallow it in her mouth (wow). I started to get quite turned on was quite deep, very wet/sloppy sucking. Start to grab her ass and asked her for 69, she went up and said no. No 69? She took my hand against her back and moved it around so I masturbated her pussy instead. She was little wet already and I try to mois my fingers to get it more wet. I went more horney by her blowjob skills and got quite erected by her moaning (probably fake). She went up to my face kissed me with a lot of tongue once more. Said: want sex now, fuck me(only English she could). I answered: Oh Yeah!

She lay down and I started to hump her I felt she was quite tight and not that wet but felt some moist. We hit that position for some minute with some tounge kisses (lovely). Before we changed to her on top in cowgirl, some more kisses. She than lift herself up and just let my tip of the dick be in and she get faster up and down, I felt I was quite close to cum with that technique, so asked to change. Looked on the time it hasn’t even got 10 min (wanted to last at least 10 min from she enter the door). We changed position when she standed on the floor bend over the bed and me pounding her from behind. Now she start to get noicy too (sounded more real than before) with that ass and petite body I didn’t stand long before I cum. Max 15 min since we went into the room... A for effort? ;)

With Melissa and Cristina I have last longer every meeting, but also know for them it’s over as soon you cum, no refill included.

We hit the restroom I went in the the bathtub and she in the shower, I went out faster she looked it to me and wanted me to get in. I steped in she just shower me and we kissed some, took at least 5 min (half the time I had sex with her naked). We get dressed and she try to contact the driver without any answer. I sat just 10-15 m from her in just underwear. After some min she went up and sat in me knee and lean to my body, we hugged and kisses some no tounge but some open mouth. Also it didn’t took long before I cares her tight ass in those tight slim pants of hers. Maybe 10 min later on they call back, said 5 min. She reminded me she want me to follow her down, so dropped her when elevator hit the entrance floor to get up, didn’t want another meeting with Melissa.

Angela 8/10: Remember she had her bra on the whole time, except for shower but wasn’t so keen of touches.

Service 7/10: No licking, 69, no second time, 1500 nothing says in the ad, no English, no breast, but she got a naughty tounge both kissing and blowjob, petite and tight.

Meet her again: Probably call Cristina/Shakira/Elle first, but before Melissa.

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