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My original plan today was to visit Lisa in Valby. We talked on the phone and I got her address, however, when I reached the Valby st. she decided to no longer pick up the phone... So much for confirmation 20 minutes before arriving there...

After contacting several other girls, I decided to go with Sonja. I visited her about ~1.5 yr. back, when she was in Copenhagen for the first time. I happened to be one of her first clients when she came here. She is actually in Ørestaden which made it very convenient, as I had other business in the area. So finally I arrive to the indicated address, but I have this bad feeling, because I am receiving messages from her twice. It feels like she's dealing with 2 (or more) people at the same time, and sometimes she sends me messages intended for others. And lo and behold - I'm left on ice for the second time today. What the hell? So I run my business in the area and try calling her from time to time at the same time. Finally, after some 1.5 hours she sends me a message asking when can I be at her address. It so happens that I'm some 5 minutes away - so I reply that I will be there in 5 and off I go.

This time I get to meet Sonja and she greets me in long white underwear. We agree on the services (30 minutes with covered blow and kisses for 900) and money changes hands. Off to shower I go and when I'm back, Sonja asks me to wait in the room. I could hear her type something on phone and then take the shower as well. Once she's back in the room - action commences. We started with some kissing and creasing, and then going to the blow. I asked for 69 and she said this is not available, but she was OK with her placing her ass over my chest, allowing me to play with her pussy and asshole with my (glid cream covered) fingers while she gave 7/10 BJ. We then proceeded with sex in cowboy, which did not last too long as I was waaay too excited after her blowing me and me playing with her.

After sex, she was extremely helpful with the cleaning and removing of condom and then offered massage and a 2nd round should I want it. The massage was nothing great (3/10) and after 5 minutes of it, she asked if I'd like a 2nd go. I was not sure my 'ol friend would be up to the task, but Sonja's mouth did the miracles, and the warrior was once again ready for the battle. During a second go we went for blow-cowboy-doggy combo with me shooting my cannon while holding Sonja on the hips while in doggy. Once again, she properly cleaned me, while giving some kisses and then suggested a shower. When I left, I saw another guy holding the phone and sitting near the entrance. I would not be surprised that he was stood up just like me.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Sonja. One one hand, her services are very good. If you respect her wishes (limits), she returns the favor with giving herself all back to you. Not a single time she checked her phone during the act. Also, she is very attentive to the client's wishes and needs (at least that is what I felt). She provides OK BJ and sex in different positions. On the down side, it seems she's trying to maximize her time to the fullest, resulting in "burned" clients and waiting at the stairs.

To sum up:

Girl: 8/10 (small and petite with perky breasts, but awful fake high pitch voice and fake sounds during sex)

Place: 8/10 (Mixed business / residential building in Ørestaden)

Act: 10/10 (Got all I asked for and a bit more)

Probability of repeat-visit: Low, 2 times are enough, also playing hide-and-seek is annoying.


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