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Domina Yssa in Aarhus

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I had seen her ad on www.annoncelight.dk and reviews on www.eroguide.dk , now it was time to pay her a visit for real.

I am writing this in English to enable Yssa to read it herself.  I think that is fair to her.

It was Saturday morning at 9.00 and I was to meet Yssa in the centre of Aarhus. On my way in the car she texted me and asked if I wanted a toilet session. Of course she needed to fill up in advance. I answered yes while I was wondering what I had just confirmed.

Found the apartment, Yssa was nicely dressed, not overly dressed but just perfect for the occasion. Classical high heels and her attractive body appeared just as in her ad.  

We briefly talked about fantasies and limits. Yssa speaks English fluently so you can have a meaningful conversation.

It began by her commanding me on all 4 to kiss and lick her feet and shoes. She sat on the bed with her feet on the floor. Then she wanted a foot massage and in the meantime I had a wonderful view in between her thighs. Her dress was just so long that I could barely see all the way up. When I felt tempted to massage further up her legs or even dare to kiss her there, she slapped me hard on my cheek. There was no doubt she was in control, not me and it was just perfect.

While I massaged her feet she said she would have a smoke. I could have said no as I normally I prefer non smokers, but I am not fanatic about it, so I nodded. For me the image of a dominant woman fits well with a stylish woman having a cigarette while she is having her feet and shoes licked and massaged by her slave.

Next she commanded me on the bed. I noticed that it had ropes fixated in the corners. She sat on my belly and leaned forward over me so I could lick and suck her wonderful breasts. She commanded me not to, I just had to look. Her nipples just touched my chest and lips. I was really tempted.

She started to massage my balls and dick and she took one of the ropes and tied it firmly around my scrotum. It gave that extra erection… Now she started to massage my anus with her fingers, more and more until she inserted the tip of a medium/large sized dildo. She pushed it in and out, deeper and deeper. I never imagined that I was that deep. Whenever I did not exactly as she commanded, like not being relaxed enough she spat on my belly and dick. Oh yes she was mean. When the dildo was all in she turned on its vibration. It felt like my anus was exploding, great feeling.

Now she sat on my face so hard that I could not breathe, this is one of my favorite fantasies. Every half a minute or longer she let me inhale some air, but not for long. While on top of my face she commanded me to lick her pussy and anus. I enjoyed the delightful taste of her wet pussy. Now and then she pinched my nipples. It was a wonderful pain.

Next Yssa told me that I have been a good slave and she rewarded me by giving me an intense blow job. I had to mention that I was about to come. She lowered the intensity; it was not the right time yet. She went on riding my dick. It was fantastic to feel her tight pussy while enjoying her beautiful body on top of me. I still had the dildo inside my anus. It pounded my anus hard as Yssa put a lot of strength in her ride.

After that she let me take her from behind. Great feeling and I loved that view of her slim waist and nice hips. I could really get a firm grip. I also got a chance with my hands to feel her bouncing breasts while pumping her from behind. Oh yes so good.

It was coming to an end and she commanded me to follow her to the toilet and lay down on the floor. The dildo still did a great job. She told me to finish myself off while she stood over me peeing on my face and into my mouth. It was a serious waterfall and she demanded that I drank it. I came in an explosion. The feeling was so extensive that it took me more than a minute to recover and return to this World again. I was severely knocked out.

Thanks Yssa you are a rare pearl. I have so many great images that I can recall from my memory, and I will.

I hope to see you again in Aarhus some time.

The session took close to 1 hour.

To you other guys out there, please be nice to Yssa she deserves it.

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Guest sexygirl-lover

I also had a wonderful experience with Yssa. She spit in my mouth, trampled me, commanded me to lick and kiss her feet, talked dirty, made me lick up from the floor her the amount of her spit I had spilled, and told me that next time she is going to fuck me as a girl with the strap-on, and she will decide when I have been ass-fucked enough. I look forward till she is back in Denmark, next time I will go the whole way as you did...

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dickens skrev, 1 time siden:

Er det for og tækkes  damen at der skrives på engelsk.

Der er jo nogle som syntes de er smarte når de skriver på engelsk, på en dansk side. Men så er det mindre væsentlig, at man ikke kan finde ud af, at sætte de rigtige link ind.

Og jeg han starter jo med, at skrive, at det er for, at pigen selv kan læse.



Redigeret af Pite

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Guest sexygirl-lover

jeg skrev kun på engelsk fordi det var en kommentar til ham der havde skrevet det første indlæg og som det så ud som om han ikke talte dansk da han skrev på engelsk.

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