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Hey there,


Started this thread to list all the GP with huge ASSet present at the moment in CPH.

Consider this post as a meetup place for all lover of big behinds and curvacious women of all origins.

This type of women deserves more exposure as skinny women are dispropotionaly written about in this forum (in my opinion).

Hope to hear from you guys.

Take it easy.

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dongding skrev, for 8 minutter siden:

And where is your input?

Here it is bro: 

That GP must be the most well-kept secret of this forum as only a very few guys reported on that woman. I suspect that they want to keep her for themselves.

But it goes against the purpose of a forum.

Here is the LINK: https://escortguide.dk/P/sex-bomb-super-laekker-i-roedovre--26007.html

She surely doesn't really give a damn about her identity as she using real pictures (although photoshoped and a few month olds) without hiding her face or blurring it out.

I suspect her to be a pornstar but unfortunately I have no proof of that. 

She's giving you the full GFE experience you guys always dreamed off. Taking full control, french kissing - french blowing the whole deal. 

It's clear that she enjoys her job. Her ass is giant, perfect for facesitting and back action. 

After the deed is done, she stays by your side to chill a few moments more. 

That's my contribution for today. Now, take it as you wish as I noticed quiet a few members on this forum being very skeptical of posts written in english. I understand why as some posts sound promotional. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and put all english posts in the bag.



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