Camille or Evelyne

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As I dont like to be locked in to one girl :-)  anyone who has had both girls wanna help me here?  Is Camille a close nr 2  please share Why and please only if you have seen both!

cheers guys

I’ve seen both of them, so let me see if I can help you. Both of them are great, but one of the is a bit better than the other. One of them is taller, while the other one is shorter. And regarding the sex, you definately has to choose one and not the other, because holy crap kinky runs in the blood of one of them. 


Links are for dummies. We all know who we’re talking about - am I right??


Hope this helps


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typical that No one wants to help

In all honesty, get over yourself.

This forum is packed with people helping each other, you have eyes - use them.


A - Members here aren't obliged to help anyone. If they do, they'll help where they can, when they can. Leading neatly into...

B - People have other things to do beside sit at a keyboard, ready and waiting for anyone to ask them a question - cultivate some patience and appreciation.

C - Your rude and aberrant behaviour is childish, and your whining alone disinclines me from wanting to send you near any girl I might otherwise have suggested.


Best of luck.

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As mentioned if you have seen these 2 No link is need! Yes it would be of help but when we dont really help does it matter?

In some cities, and I asume Cph is not different, there might be more than one girl using a specific name, therefore a link could determine what girl/girls you mean. Further, the reply to your post could help other members, who do not know the girls, to find usefull info about the girls and there services.

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