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So, I don’t really have much time to write about it, and I didn’t even want to, but at this moment fake people really annoys me! I won’t understand why you guys have bad opinion about me and keep writing about it when you (2) visit me almost every week when I’m here ... and you never leave without smile on your faces. I think it’s time to find an other date partner for yourself dears between the lot of fake accounts.

It has a reason why I’m in Cph many times, and it’s not because I’m thaaaaat bad, and “machine” like you say guys. But of course I can have also bad days sometimes, or you just simple get what you give. 

And about the “last days” thing, my regular costumers pleased me to let them know somehow when I fly home, so they can plan our date. I appreciate all of them so I do my best :)... Btw I’m not the only girl who use it and I don’t even know why it is a problem. 

Have a nice day darlings <3


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Guest Nybegynder2017

Hi i started a thread earlier asking how you looked and was, since this is totally new to me, and I wanted a good first time in this forum. 

This was not meant negativ but a way5 to get informations since i thought your pictures was Nice, but i could not see your face and a big  part of a women is her face and not just the body. Simply info. What the rest wrote is their experience which is fair, since its their opinion.  I asked for service since your pictures looked Really sexy and Nice 

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