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Finally even I visit this Queen everyone talks about, Baleri (http://www.escort-side.dk/Baleri-Deep-Throat-Queen-R?ad-id=5909) at the moment I write she's not in Copenhagen. I called her and we sorted out a meeting to my hotel she seems busy texted me some min later and postponed our meeting. Finally she arrive and wasen't hard to find her out in the crowd, we went up to my room and as she often describe in her ads she's quite tall with heer heels.

We got up to my room and I had just put down my phone and put it on silence and turned around. Baleri did the same and was just to put her jacket off, I got quite paralized she got a nylon top you can se thru and a bra were her nice tits was displayed so she was practical half naked under her jacket. Than I understood why it was closed because it was still quite warm for that warm jacket ;)

I had probably a face expression like a teenager who first time saw a naked woman, so she giggle a little while I walked up to her and we kissed and hugged. I felt that I started to get erected think she did too because she start to stroke outside my pants. I remember that we haden't sorted out business yet, so I said it and she laugh a little said: seems I forgott it too, we sorted it out and continue kissed and hugged.

After some min she turned around (I got a room with a nice view over Copenhagen) and she looked out and said: so beautiful. I looked at her from behind and I said: yeah it is while I walked some closer to her and start to foundle her tits and niples with her top on, while she start to take her pants off. After the pants her top and bra went off than she start to grind her ass against me (still got my cloth on), oh my that was sexy. I started to get my cloth off until my underwear was left, than she bended forward and took her underwear off and start to grind her naked body against me. I started to get quite aroused so she turned around and we kissed for some time until she pushed me down in the bed.

She smiled and went down (still standing) took off my underwear and start to kiss and lick around my dick until she start to tease it. It didn't took many min before she was starting what she are famous for and my good it was good. Still standing up just bend over me was quite sexy too. We changed around and got into a 69 instead. Now she started to get horny too. After awhile she get up and pussy fucked my face so lovely until she just lift up her legs and start to climb up and ride me in reverse cow girl. It was so great we switched after some min, so she lay on her back and me on top. We found us were horny switched around to diffrent position she seems to give all my thoughts and finally with lot of pussy licking, balls licking and gagging we end up in doggy and I was quite proud I still last but with tha view I were soon to cum and blazted. Think with some foreplay with and without cloth our session went on for 40-45 min, probably one of my longest one session and also one of the best.

We lay down in the bed and kissed eached other. Before we hit the shower. We than chat for good 10 min before we looked at the clock and the time went away.

Baleri 9,5 (before and after she wanted me to do incalls instead and wasent that positive too escort/outcall-service, I'm more for shorter gills but she's not to tall I meet most them who are under 170.)

Sex 9,5 (not much complain about what I remember)

Of course a visit again hope she's open for an outcall anyway..

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Hi party people!

After to try contact Lilly (https://www.escortguide.dk/P/-lilly-petite-superhot-kobenhavn-k-45874.html) & Nikki (https://www.escort-side.dk/Nikki-Lækreste-lille-pornotøs?ad-id=12847), to make a booking as I wrote in my review of Nadia:


I of course saw that Baleri was in Copenhagen so I once more visit this beauty (https://www.escort-side.dk/Baleri-Deep-Throat-Queen-R?ad-id=5909). She’s not on at the moment, but got info she should get back here in May again.

We booked a meeting at my hotel got some confusion, so she had to wait a min or two in the lobby. It was a time since I last saw here, but was easy to pick her out in the crowd ;)

We went up to my room couldn’t hold my hands away need to hug, grabb her some in the elevator :P

We finally get in to my room, we chat some but it didn’t took long before it abrupt by lovely tongue kissing, once more my hand find there way to Baleri’s lovely ass, always nice to grabb with and without cloth. After a long kissing and grabbing session, we split up. Baleri went in to the bathroom as she said in a sexy/naughty way (except her Eastern European English who make it even sexy): I will change to something more comfortable and smiled. I went away to the desk in my room to find an important mail I needed to reply on and than to set my phone on silence.

I didn’t even had time to turn around when I had Baleri behind me and kissed me from behind blow me light with air in my neck and ears in a very sensual way, at the time she foundle her way with her hands outside my cloth down to my pants. There she stopped and smoth cares outside my private area. Looked out the hotel windows got quite nice view over Copenhagen city, but also see the reflection that she was almost nude, just some bra and thongs. Yeah the thongs I didn’t see as a reflection in the windows, my hands had by reflex went back along my body and up Baleri’s lovely legs to grab both ass cheeks.

After some min I turned around and immediately meet up with a long tongue kiss. Now I saw those sexy black underwear on Baleri’s sexy body. We kissed and slowly uncloth me. When I just had my underwear left we had kissed so much I can’t even remember when I kissed that much last time. We of course continue kissed but also we slowly walked by kissing and foundle each other to the bed, we turned around so my back was to the bed. Baleri looked deeped in my eyes and pushed me down in the bed, there I lay (almost helpless:D) while she stand up aside the end of the bed and show her lovely sexy body and tease me with a little dance, before she wanted me to crawl up on my back to the pillows.

I went up to the pillows and looked once down to the end of the bed where Baleri still stand almost the same deep gaze penetrated my eyes, before she went to the bed and in a very sexy way crawl on all fours up to me, until our heads meat up and all her body over mine, we kissed before Baleri sat up on my stomach, her ass cheeks very close to my private area almost like it could touch them.

Baleri is one hell of a girl when it comes to teasing, foreplay. :x

She start to grind her lower body first on my stomach, than she moved her body down, so she sat basicly in cow girl position continue to grind, got damn (all blood stopped and was now moving to one direction). My hands had already found their place on her ass and waist. Baleri took my hands up to grab her tits outside the bra’s nothing I said no too after some seconds of foundling she took her bra off, and in a way with a smile put them along us. Now I started to foundle those lovely bare tits of hers. I also try to get up and give her kiss put she put me down smile in a good way instead she started to take my underwear off. I can say I helped her and it didn’t took that long :rolleyes:

I can say with all this my cock start to wake up not totally erected, but not far away. It at least felt Baleri’s hot private parts outside her sexy thongs while she grinding on it.

It start to get very hot and steamy and it get better when Baleri even start to moan, I think or even know that Baleri do it just to tease me anymore, I mean I could explode several times at this moment. Suddenly she stop grinding rise a little, so I look up (as I wrote now I’m try to controll myself not to explode) and see she put off her sexy black thongs, as with her bra she smiles a little and drop them first on my stomach and almost giggle a little. Once more I try to kiss her, she see that and even stop me before I try. She sit down once more and my cock feel that hot pussy with lips, ass hole and those lovely ass cheeks. By reflex it shudder, Beleri smile grind some more times on my bare cock before she sit up and on all fours bendover and start to care, tease, blow, kiss and licking around my private area, before she put it in her mouth. Oh my! It begins!B)

If it was difficult to not explode before to early/soon this is a battle. We change in diffrent position, 69, me licking Baleri, reverse 69. As first time I met Baleri and after the first ”foreplay” session and this ”blowjob” I’m impressed I had escape the embaressment not cum yet.

But now the condom went on, and Baleri hasn’t stopped her naughty, teasing and sexy things she can do. We had sexy in diffrent position for minutes before I couldn’t handle it anymore.

We crawl up aside each other kissed some, I can say my stamina was out, just remind some parts after this. But we chat some, also told Baleri could leave so she probably walk around the room picked up her cloth we in our sessions spread out in the whole room. Remember she was almost fully cloth just jacket and shoes not on yet I get up from the bed still naked. Put a towel around me kissed and hugged, Baleri before she went out from my room.

I can tell I went back in bed second after the door closed. 

Splended girl I hope I and she are in Copenhagen more times 2019 than last year.


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