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Dear fellow hustlers,

I paid a visit to this girl today, and since I have nothing better to do right now I decided to share my experience. She also asked me to do so, probably because she noticed how much I enjoyed our time together. I write in English cause I'm not Danish, and I can see there are many internationals following the forum, too. I've been around for a while and I have learnt to read Danish. I'm pushing my fifties, and I'm very experienced with working girls around Europe.

As you can see from other threads linked in her advertisement page, she has called herself with different names over time. That's usually a sign of someone trying to avoid to be tracked and reported in forums like this. I didn't ask why she's done it, but I think that in this case it's just an innocent lack of thoughtfulness from her side. The best girl make their "brand" name known, so that's it's easy to refer to, thus spreading the good words around. She should do the same, because she does provide very good service for those looking for her kind.

I was already around in Østerport, trying to call couple of other girls first with no success. Then this one picked the phone, spoke relatively good english, sounded lively and nice, so I it was easy to close the deal. I was in her place in no time, called and she let me in with a door buzzer. I went in without knowing the door number, but right away a nearby door opened half way, inviting me to step in. It was so dark in the apartment that I could hardly see anything after being out in the sunshine. See kindly opened some curtains and switched a lamp on, too, so I could see. And what I saw was a smiling blonde next door girl I could recognize from the pics in her add, although she was more brushed up with makeup and perhaps with some Photoshop in the pics. And her smile revealed the braces in her mouth. Kind of cute I thought and decided to go on.

We did  the business, agreed the services to be 45 minutes of casual sex with owo. She asked if I wanted a shower and I said yes, for her owo's sake, although I had carefully shaved, soaped and showered my private parts before I left home. She gave a clean towel and showed the shower which was very ok for the purpose, right next to her bedroom where we were. She shared the apartment with another girl, but they were very discreet so that although I at some point heard the door going because another girl got a client, there was never any change of crossing paths with others. Neither could I hear what happened in another bed room, so that didn't bother me at all.

When I stepped out of the shower she received me totally naked, with a wide smile on her face. That view melted me totally. She was no natural, and so glad and confident in her Eva's costume that I sensed right away something good is about to happen. My instinct was confirmed when we approached each other, standing on the floor. It felt so natural, GFE like, when she responded to my hugs and kisses in the same way. I really enjoyed such foreplay and we stood there touching and kissing each other on mouth and all over while our hands were wondering around our bodies and private parts. My erection got ready in no time in such sweet hands and body contacts, and we laid down on the bed, continuing our foreplay. I went kissing along her body all the way until I reach her pussy and she surrendered with pleasure letting my tongue and fingers wonder in her soft pussy. After warming her up for a while I asked for a reverse service laying on my back. She started to tease me nicely by kissing and sucking me everywhere between my legs. Not going down on rimming, though, but close. My whole manhood with balls got treated with teasing kisses and licks and I was shaking at times for the nice vibs I got. That was so nice I let that go on for a good while until she suggested to put a hat on my dick and start real action. So we did, and she put a little bit of lube on her, too, which is always a smart move if you want your condom to last unbroken.

I started traditionally with a missionary position, since I enjoyed her casual, gfe like style. She seemed to enjoy kissing and coming to a close body contact which was super nice to me. I changed a little from laying on her and my arms to leaning on my knees while adding some speed when pushing into her tight pussy. Since I had taken 45 minutes I had to stop every now and then for just kissing her tits or mouth, to continue carefully so that I wouldn't come too soon. I love to prolong my act as much as I can, but not too much so I wouldn't lose the feeling.

After that we did the doggy, and also there I let the time go, moving slowly, changing tempo, enjoying every minute and every inch I felt inside her. Until I couldn't any more and I came. Now I must say that it was anyway a little sooner than I had planned, but it had been a while since I had sex last, so there was nothing to do about it. 30 minutes would have been enough for all that, but since we had time left she volunteered to give me some oil massage. So we spent some time like that, talking little talks while she was quite nicely treating my backside from the neck to bottom with her oily hands. Then there was only a quick shower and good bye kiss left, and soon I was out on the street again.

I write lengthy, because I try to describe the feeling and the experience I got. That's what you look for, right? Okay, I know some want to know how she looks like, or what exactly she did technically. I can say I've had many much more beautiful girls. She's not a fitness or any other kind of model. Neither does she seem to be a hard core porn professional although she's surely experienced enough and her blowjob was technically very good. But there's nothing wrong in being untouched, natural and normal oneself. And that's what she is, and it's that confident, glad, friendly and service minded attitude that actually matters much more, and makes the experience so nice. She made me feel very relaxed, like being with a good fuck friend without any worries of any kind.

So eventually I want to give my sincerest recommendation to anyone who can appreciate these qualities over silicone breast and fitness figures, to meet this genuine Polish girl and enjoy what she has to offer.



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I have met her in the famous yellow house in Rødovre last year. As I remember she was very sweet and active during the session. The only downside at that time was that she looked less sexy than her pictures--it is her in the pictures for sure but just with heavy photoshop. According your review It seems she has trained hard and get her body fit again??

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Samdk skrev, for 18 timer siden:

I have met her in the famous yellow house in Rødovre last year. As I remember she was very sweet and active during the session. The only downside at that time was that she looked less sexy than her pictures--it is her in the pictures for sure but just with heavy photoshop. According your review It seems she has trained hard and get her body fit again??

There's the right girl on the photos, but it's somewhat enhanced version from the real life. I just didn't find that real version repelling in any way, just natural. The behavior was gold and that's harder to find than a slim body.

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