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I booked Coco (https://escortguide.dk/P/coco-36227.html) not the GP at DaisyClub. I've tried similary adds with Asian-escorts but often fakes, but @Bebop but his word it was photos from their place so gave her a call. Seems it was someone else who answered but booked an outcall to my hotel. They wanted quite much for "taxi money" when they had an own driver.

But anywho she was at time even if they wanted me to be in the lobby 5 min before she arrived :rolleyes:

As @Bebop wrote it was her in the pictures recognize that tattoo she has and her face is the same.

She spoke quite well English too with some small struggles but it was cute, she looks like a doll anyway.

We took our cloth off and started to kiss each other than she backed up the wet tissue box and pointed at the bed.

I told her to lay down and I went down on her instead. She (or I) put ourselves so couldn't angle right but we got on she breath and maid noices for some min. I started to get more horney after five? min she took her hands around my head and lift it up (sounded like she came but she wasent that wet in her pussy just played with her clit). Said in a sexy-way "now I give you" so standed up to lay down. She raised up thought she was up to take the wet tissue box but was up for a condom...

I was busy with the pillows so she standed over me in a cow girl-position. Suddenly I felt that she had her hand around my cock and my thought if she just gone give me a hand job. Than I felt her other hand and a condom she put it on quite fast didn't even looked up on her before she ride me.

The thing was that I was quite horney but not really erected :shock: and as I wrote before she wasen't that wet.

That wasen't all she did do much in cow girl, so had to lift her up (she's not that big;)) to pump her but felt after two-three min it didn't work so lifted up she wonder if it was all okey. Said everything is all right, but think you need to suck and pointed down (it looked like a flag pole broken in half):D

She started to suck was cute good but some min in to it she started to get too much teeth :o and get faster thought soon she "bite" something up 

So we changed to 69-position. Now I got much better access and felt with my tongue that she was dry as a desert :( so she didn't cum earlier just wanted me to cum faster by fucking.

I get her more and more aroused, she started to breath heavier, make noices and her lower body start to get involved too...even she getting wilder with her blowjob and started to gag and maid it very sloppy down there. After some more min she couldn't resist any longer and came.

She roll on the side took a pause for one-two min said "thank you". Than she put on a condom and climb up on me in a cow girl. Same there it didn't happen that much but now I was erected and she was wet :P

We changed to doggy and pumped her for awhile until I flipped her around on her back and there it didn't took long time since I cum.

It went 25-30 min since we started so we took a shower got back to the bed and talked...five-ten min see looked at me wonder if I was up for a second round. Said no. I was K.O.:D

Coco 8,5 quite high price for the taxi fee, otherwise petite Asian-girl with nice tits. Speaks good English.

Sex 9 only down was from I licked her to sex and she wasn't the best cow girl.

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Does she do incall as well?

She is or used to be on Sakula.

@brupdrup: They got incall service because she wanted me to go to their place first, but didn't tell me any address so don't know if it's Sakula, probably someone else who can give a better answer.

Is the 148 cm correct?

@MidnightCowboy: She wasen't the tallest I've seen. :D But if she is 148 cm might not be impossible not longer than 160 at least.

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