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Hi everyone!

It was couple of weeks ago I decided to call Mina (sadly she left so her add is gone, but search for Mina and you get it) she answered and she got well spoken English. We booked a time to my room and just some min before she called and was downstairs. It was quite cloudy day and grey so thought she said she was inside looked around in the lobby, but didn't find her. Just a teenage girl but she seems to young and with her family so contact her and she stand quite a bit outside the main entrance, might be diffecult to find het if I shouldn't recognize her from her ads because she looked like those picture (said later they were recently taken). We went up to my room sorted up the business for my 1 hour booking. She started almost direct since the door closed with her fine GFE-service and continue all the time until she went out from the room, probably the best of them all.

We kissed and fooled around it felt and she gave me that response that she was my girlfriend. It felt like it even if it was our first date ;)

After some kissing the cloth started to get off our bodies pices by pices. Suddenly we stand their naked both of us. Mina is very thin with nice figure so she looks very tall. I went to de bed while she looked herself in a mirror and it seems she got taller but when she got up closer to me she was still shorter than me. Loevely girl looks quite innocent too with her teenage body and face until she want what she want. She put me down in the bed and started to show her body off. Almost like a lap dance :P

Than we kissed some more before we got into the hot stuff damn she's good with her blowjob. :o:shock: As many wrote in their reviews it's breath taking. After that I wanted to give it back so lay her on her back gave her a match after awhile we got quite horney. So she pushed me down on my back sucked me sloppy wet again before the condom went on and she started to ride me. It was so hot and with all kisses almost poped after some min. We changed around to different position it was amazing. 

Last stand she was laying on her back me standing close to the corner of the bed with her legs around my head. Was so much going on her wet pussy slamming to my balls the lovely view of her whole body was too much to handle so cum quite much.

Shower after got down under the cheets and snuggle (kissed and hugged) while talking felt still like a girlfriend. We laugh had fun kissed than she wanted around more don't know how long the first one was but at least 20-25 min.

She pulled down the sheet and start to kiss from my nipples down. Didn't took long before I had that marvelous experience again when she gives one of the best blowjobs. I was quite faint from the first round but can't say no to Mina when she's on it, lovely babe :P

She sucked me in different position and in one I recalled she wasn't any clock watcher her goal was to make cum once more think I made her cum one time during this time, but seems endless :(

She wanted to continue but I was quite stun that we passed the time and she wanted to continue.

Mina 9,5/10 (everything was good just my own issue that she seems so tall)

Sex 10/10 

If I want to book her ofcourse hope she will be back next time. Take care of her boyz it's a rare diamond.

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Mina's got many top reviews, but yours are highly appreciated as well.

No doubt Mina is still ranged very HIGH on my list of GPs to experience.

I knew that she was to leave Copenhagen this week, but hopefully she'll return soon. There are only a couple of GP's for whom I would rent a hotel room to meet ... Mina definately being one of those.

Happy to read that both of you had such a delightful encounter.

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Yes, thanks for the review of a girl that doesn't seem to let anyone down. Quite the opposite so far.

Just one question if you don't mind my asking: what's your original language, since your English honestly is quite dreadful?

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