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Hi everyone!

It was couple of weeks ago I decided to call Mina (sadly she left so her add is gone, but search for Mina and you get it) she answered and she got well spoken English. We booked a time to my room and just some min before she called and was downstairs. It was quite cloudy day and grey so thought she said she was inside looked around in the lobby, but didn't find her. Just a teenage girl but she seems to young and with her family so contact her and she stand quite a bit outside the main entrance, might be diffecult to find het if I shouldn't recognize her from her ads because she looked like those picture (said later they were recently taken). We went up to my room sorted up the business for my 1 hour booking. She started almost direct since the door closed with her fine GFE-service and continue all the time until she went out from the room, probably the best of them all.

We kissed and fooled around it felt and she gave me that response that she was my girlfriend. It felt like it even if it was our first date ;)

After some kissing the cloth started to get off our bodies pices by pices. Suddenly we stand their naked both of us. Mina is very thin with nice figure so she looks very tall. I went to de bed while she looked herself in a mirror and it seems she got taller but when she got up closer to me she was still shorter than me. Loevely girl looks quite innocent too with her teenage body and face until she want what she want. She put me down in the bed and started to show her body off. Almost like a lap dance :P

Than we kissed some more before we got into the hot stuff damn she's good with her blowjob. :o:shock: As many wrote in their reviews it's breath taking. After that I wanted to give it back so lay her on her back gave her a match after awhile we got quite horney. So she pushed me down on my back sucked me sloppy wet again before the condom went on and she started to ride me. It was so hot and with all kisses almost poped after some min. We changed around to different position it was amazing. 

Last stand she was laying on her back me standing close to the corner of the bed with her legs around my head. Was so much going on her wet pussy slamming to my balls the lovely view of her whole body was too much to handle so cum quite much.

Shower after got down under the cheets and snuggle (kissed and hugged) while talking felt still like a girlfriend. We laugh had fun kissed than she wanted around more don't know how long the first one was but at least 20-25 min.

She pulled down the sheet and start to kiss from my nipples down. Didn't took long before I had that marvelous experience again when she gives one of the best blowjobs. I was quite faint from the first round but can't say no to Mina when she's on it, lovely babe :P

She sucked me in different position and in one I recalled she wasn't any clock watcher her goal was to make cum once more think I made her cum one time during this time, but seems endless :(

She wanted to continue but I was quite stun that we passed the time and she wanted to continue.

Mina 9,5/10 (everything was good just my own issue that she seems so tall)

Sex 10/10 

If I want to book her ofcourse hope she will be back next time. Take care of her boyz it's a rare diamond.

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Mina's got many top reviews, but yours are highly appreciated as well.

No doubt Mina is still ranged very HIGH on my list of GPs to experience.

I knew that she was to leave Copenhagen this week, but hopefully she'll return soon. There are only a couple of GP's for whom I would rent a hotel room to meet ... Mina definately being one of those.

Happy to read that both of you had such a delightful encounter.

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Yes, thanks for the review of a girl that doesn't seem to let anyone down. Quite the opposite so far.

Just one question if you don't mind my asking: what's your original language, since your English honestly is quite dreadful?

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Hi again! *bump*

It’s few girls who get that fast attention to you, and so positive as Mina do. Sadly she isn’t here that often, of course it’s my fault too who aren’t in CPH all the time. Look into our conversation by SMS/calls seems it has been three time, my first booking, second when I caught her the last day earlier this year, and now.

Sorry to be so sentimentality.

I contact Mina for 1h book at my hotel, she text me some before she was delay. no problem things happen, and later on she show up. Understand she was stressed and so on and might not be that 100% happy when you are late. She asked me if she could use my bathroom. I said once more no problems. 

When she get out from bathroom I zip some water, she for the first time sounded negative and was short on me and just said: Money? (I almost get my water wrong, so struggle, to talk). Put it up and than once more: Water? and rephrase it do you have glass of water. Gave her a glass and bring up a new bottle of water from the minibar. She wanted tapped water, so went in to the bathroom again to fill up the glass there.

I continue to zipp more water and went to the minibar to put in both water bottles back in. I hear she went back in the room and put down the water glass on the table close to her stuff. I had just some water left from the last zipp.

I turned around, Oh my!

She had put her cloth off (still don’t remember now what she had on) in the bathroom and went out in just a sexy matching lingerie (bra & thongs). For second time in a short time I put water in wrong pipe. She posed for me (like I shot take a photo on her) while she took a zip of water, put the glass down back on the table. Looked at me and smile naughty/sexy at me. She probably saw my face expression like I’ve seen a ghost. She moved those few meters towards me in a sexy way, start to kiss me. I were still paralized and in Mina’s command ;)

She star to undress me while we cares each other with kisses. Think I were still paralized for a while, she got a great body much better than her photos show, with that sexy outfit and her sexy mind it’s lovely. It’s the best girlfriend experiance what I know you can get in Copenhagen, probably in the world almost I haven’t get better experiance with my own girlfriends :P

Anyway she helped me off until I also stand in my underwear, we continue kissed each other. 

Than it come some picky/rude once more. She asked me when I last shower, my mind were somewhere else. So two-three seconds later 45-50 min ago, remark I went out from the shower 10-15 min before our meeting, just after I get out from the shower I got the text she was late. It’s no problem for me didn’t refused but sounded rude first. She took my hand and said might shower up than while we walked to the bathroom. I just follow, but what do you do when you see that lovely ass in sexy thongs?

I throw off my underwear before we enter the bathroom, and I went out with one foot in the shower room, while Mina standed at one of the sink. Giggled a little and said, honey come here. Put on the water at the sink hold one hand under the water to feel it get right temperature (not to cold and not to hot). The other hand went around my dick. She explain for me that, sadly many of her clients don’t wash their dicks right/enought or some not at all. She laugh a little and reminds her one client she rejected due to he didn’t even shower before their meeting. She wet down her hand bend down by standing up first touched her wet hand. Good temperature not to cold or hot and she knows her way and did all very gentle (I hope I get her as doctor/nurse my next exam). It felt quite good I looked up and suddenly when I looked down again Mina went down on her knees, said you have done great job. She than took her wet hand against the water and sink thought she find something to wash away but she just want to turn off the running water. So thought my gentle exam was over and We should head back out from the bathroom.

So in my mind I should turn around but in the same second I had Mina’s face, mouth and tounge right to my gentle area and next second she started to suck me. On her knees in the bathroom, she even took her hand to grab my ass cheeks for two reason, so I didn’t went away and so she could deeper. I went to heaven. All minds about Mina was short/rude about money, shower went away. This is what Mina is all about sexy, girlfriendly and do things out of the box who will blow your mind. 

As my first meeting and as my latest she’s the best take care of her.

After a mind blowing blowjob in the bathroom, some tongue kissing, we went out from the bathroom to the bed. Start kissing and cuddling was quite intimate remember one kissing session I suddenly abrupt (in my mind I start to think is it my girlfriend or not), I remember Mina looked at me with face expression ”what happen?”. So start to kiss her once more, until I saw that her sexy lingerie bra was on, so hooked it off.

If I remember her ad right she write 24-25 years old, her body seems younger but her mind (probably older). Those lovely breast, as I written before I’m more of an assman than a boobsman, but my hands went around those quick. After awhile Mina remember she started on my erection but didn’t took it to 100%, so she changed position and bend down and start over again. Oh my she’s good and know I also get access and better view to her lovely ass. 

This session are for several minutes and I can say I stopped myself for cumming a few time. She looked at me in a very naughty way. I Told her her several times how good it was. Asked her for give it back to her she smiled, took her sexy thongs off, now it was reverse, so Mina lay back on her back and I started to gentle to do my work. She seems to enjoy it and after awhile, she kind of controll me to she was satisfy and she was quite wet. Dunno if she was cumming but when she lift up my head and say let’s fuck. I saw that in her eye she got quite horney :P

She went up and told me to lay on my back and get comfortable, while she get a condom. Jumper back into the bed put it on while she already was in cowgirl position. She pull up and slowly went down with her body while I saw my quite erected dick went in further in Mina, damn that was good. She know her way to satisfy herself and me as client. We kissed al lot and I grabbed those lovely tits and ass cheeks so much I almost can feel it today ;)

I once more was quite close to cum during this session, so we changed so Mina went to the end of the bed while I stand up. Now I had more controll of the rythm (not that Mina did it bad, but when you are that good as Mina and you try to controll not to cum it’s almost a mission impossible). Mina did some noice but now she started to moan and getting more noice that didn’t get me longer from cumming. She also giggle with her under body grab me closer to get me faster speed and deeper into her.

We moved up more in to bed she on her back me lay over her, while I humped her. She put her arms around me so we getting closer to each other we kissed everything getting more hot, intensive and imtim. Now when I also had her mouth to my ear and hear her moan and getting loweder and tell me things. I couldn’t controll it any more.

I try with one more escape plan to change to doggy. I stand up once more in the end of the bed while, Mina get up on all four and lift up that lovely ass towards me. Lovely sight! I put it in and yes I can say after a min or two when Mina reach back with her hands tell me faster hard while she getting louder and grab the sheets. I couldn’t keep it in anymore. What an orgasm I had.

We rest some before we went in to the bathroom and refreshed a little. We went back to the bed. Cuddle, kissed and talked. Dunno but we have seen each other twice and been in contact one time more. Seems we know each other We had a really good chat. Suddenly forgott the time, Mina and I seems not to be in a hurry anyway. Mina ent out for a shower get out with just a towel around her naked beatiful body we still chat, cuddle and kissed some more. I hope I didn’t hold her for someone ;) but I can tell once more she didn’t Run out from my room before 60 minutes ;)

Mina is as I written one of the best and any negative about her is that she can’t be all the time with me ;)

Take care of her and I hope I can see her soon again...

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HappyGuy I completely agree with your positive assessment of Mina and recognise all the details that you describe. She is a very unique girl, one in a million, by far the best GFE I have ever paid for. She is an incredible conversationalist, intelligent, funny, open, charming, caring, natural, however with somewhat of a rude edge sometimes when she gets stressed out as it happens often before she leaves the country as a lot of guys want to make sure to see her one last time... no wonder she tends to get overwhelmed by her own popularity at times.

As I see it the greatest danger with seeing Mina and one I really have to fight for my self to stay clear off, is avoid falling in love, as basically she is a dream girl, everything a guy ever wanted and dreamed about... an illusion that seems so real that it feels like you can grab it, hold it and keep it forever.

Unfortunately you always end up waking up from beautiful dreams and have to make it back somehow to everyday reality. However for a little while there, while she was still around, living the moment felt like a magical touch of paradise... 

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Unfortunately you always end up waking up from beautiful dreams and have to make it back somehow to everyday reality. However for a little while there, while she was still around, living the moment felt like a magical touch of paradise... 

Well, I can relate to your problem as I've been in that situation also. Best solution is to book her overnight. Then you will wake up from your dreams with her next to you :)

That is not just beautiful, it is wonderful :P

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She left in end if june, as well did  katie* 

I had the pleasure of having Mina over at my room  for a couple of hours.
from I woke up until mid-day.
personal-chemistry and being relaxed with her is a great "GFE"  thing.
She joked and made fun of my feets etc and seeing her fixing her hair,  the long nice hair and slim body
you simply dont want her to go.

however, I also struggle with not getting to attached to girl like this. Even if I sometimes want to marry them right away. :wub:

I am not the guy who pays a girl
just to talk or cuddle.... (substitute)



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Mina er den perfekte købeoplevelse imvho. Ingen dårlige oplevelser med hende. En legende.


En kilde jeg går tilbage til gang på gang.


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I have met her three times and I also struggle with not falling in love with her. I had the opportunity to meet her when she was new in Copenhagen in 2013. She brought her camera and took photos of the view from the hotel room. I guess she does not do that anymore. Of course, it depends on the view. :D

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Really glad to hear from you @Fakebuster, @goldman_02, @Liderligungkarl, @TheSwed, @Liverpool & @Mr Amaretto too. Only problem now I’m starting to get a little jealous she got more lovers :D

Just kidding as I wrote in my first review for 2 years ago it sounded on Mina it was most bad guys out there, and I worry she might quit and just do one session of it. Gladly she has been back and latest time she felt more secure talked a little about other clients of her’s, but this time it was most positive once.

Also read that reveiew someone wrote when she was avaible in beginning of this year (got to CPH, her last days as I wrote and she was too busy). She raised her rates with 200DKK? as I wrote I would gladly pay more for something I like. I understand if service or quality will be worst I also would be disappointed, as I wrote and @Fakebuster wrote in stress your mind aren’t always 100%. Mina as I wrote she had been busy latest and told me also (think I were first that say) that her morning been struggle (even if it was a meeting after lunch hours). This happen to me too, I might find good solution during stress but if it keps up I might struggle with a lot of pressaure/stress if it happens in a row and you don’t get a break. Mina’s rudeness kept for some minutes (recall that I also just pay for 1h, I can tell as my first meeting with Mina as this my second, she didn’t watch the clock she gladly cuddle, kissed talked after our session, if I don’t get it wrong she asked once for the time. It was than 1h plus she looked up in the roof continue cuddle, kissed talk with me in the bed for another 10-15 min. Asked me if she just could check some calls/messages, I said yes should get up for some more water anyway. Around 5 min laters she said done we kissed & cuddle some more before she laugh and said now I might go, I laugh and said where? She similed while she posed with her lovely naked body: for a shower and giggle on the way). So after all those minutes 90-120 min she was in my room (remark I pay for 60 min) it was few minutes of dislike with Mina I could live with that, and I would gladly pay more and not ask for discount that’s just rude from my side. 

@Liverpool dunno but got the idea she just should be off work after some weeks, and be back later. Don’t remember when or for how long. What I see it seems she got her ad still on just not avaible. Before she took it away maid new one when she get back. So hopefully she might get back soon :x

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Guest umiaqse
HappyGuy skrev, for 16 timer siden:

So after all those minutes 90-120 min she was in my room (remark I pay for 60 min) 

If you care about her, you should probably not tell everyone on this forum about that. 

Special treatments are best kept as secrets :wink:

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umiaqse skrev, den 22/7/2019 at 00:22:

If you care about her, you should probably not tell everyone on this forum about that. 

Special treatments are best kept as secrets :wink:

But without a big, horny market of cocks she would end up as cashier in Lidl :D

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