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Mistress No 1 - mild, tender and cuddly?

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I'm a newbie and I've only met Mistress No 1 two times, this is a quick review of our last session.

I was tied to a bed with cuffs and some armbinder in leather, not able to move
at all. She tied up my balls with a rope to the bed (I could hardly breathe).

She started with clamps, on the nipples, scrotum and cock. She just smiles and picked up a whip of some kind and gave me some attention.

I received a minute recovery when she fetched a bunch of sounds, the first a 30-35 cm long silicone sound was quickly put in all the way, then two stainless steel sounds in different sizes (she really played with the thicker one), a wider 30-35 silicone one and finally she drove her finger in. - It was amazing

Now it was time for some electro, she attached two straps and started to gimme shock treatment to my dick. Found out after she had driven it to the max but that it was her kindest machine. -sure she is a bit mild and tender? :-) 

During my shock treatment, more things were gathered together:

Some rubber tube sleeve attachment that she put on my dick,
a handfull of needles which was put in my testicles and a strange
30 cm bend (90 degrees) beaded sound with a hook on (-that sound scared me).
I groaned when she forced it in (a bend sound in a hard on), she turned it somehow and told me to "stop groaning - you will like it"
She connected a magic wand? to the rubber sleeve and the vibrations felt both inside and outside - She was right, I really liked it :-)

Afterwards she showed her mild and tender side again when she stopped the bloodstream after pulling out the needles.

If you want to experience something intense (in a safe environment), I can really recommend Mistress No 1

  • Is she mild and tender? - Yes (-but dont tell her that)
  • Is she cuddly? - I dont know
  • Is she a extremely good Domina? - YES

I'll be back!!

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Nu ved vi, Mistress No. 1 er cuddly (Undskyld Lady Cherie, cuddly midler kælen)


Desværre er det ikke mig på billedet :(


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