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Hello my fellow hobbyists. I am visiting Copenhagen for the first time coming there for one week...I was hoping you could recommend some people or places for me to visit. Reading the reviews I am excited to see Jessy: But I wanted to reach out to all of you for other recommendations. 

Thanks for all your help!

I look forward to visiting this wonderful country :)

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How much money are you ready to offer for 30 min?

Ifyou are ready to Play 1200 danish kroner/ 162 Euro. for 30 min, then my recommendations are:

1. Nanna 2. Dina (Persian roots) 3. Alexandra (blond Girl) here:

Take train C from Nørreport Station to Nordhavn Station (2 stops). 

Walk at "Strandboulevarden" 2 minutes and turn at Marstalsgade and walk further 2 minutes to number 6 (down in basement)

Not the most classy place but the girls are mostly pretty nice and very goodlooking and speaks english fluently.

I think most of them kisses (with thoung) but call the telephonegirl and gear for yourself.

All of them really like to get their pussies Licked..and, if you are gentle, they will act horny..

Not cheep but fine girls...

Good luck and please..Can we ask for a rewiew of whoever you pay a visit to?

Thanks in Advance :)


Maybe this could be interesting too..?

You just take the Metro..



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dadon1 skrev, for 18 minutter siden:

Thank you for your quick feedback! it is truly recommended! I hear it is quite expensive in Copenhagen and I am ready for that - I am looking more towards the price point of 1200 dkk for 1 hour. I will definitely provide a review if I visit some of these places, you have my word :) 

With this price level, I would suggest you look at the girls with "international background"--their price is relatively cheaper but it doesn't mean their service is discounted ;)

Check and find the girl you like, and then try to search in this forum if there is any review for her. 

If you are interested in petite girl, I would recommend Alessia (Romanian) and Kate (Polish). Alessia used to stay at østerbro, but not sure where she stays this time. Kate's place is as stated in her announcement, very close to the Amager metro station. Btw, there might be other polish girls staying at the same place as Kate does--they are usually very friendly and provide real GFE, e.g. Sara and Jessie (It seems they are not here at the moment but maybe they will show up next week). 

Good luck :)

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Thanks Samdk! Alessia looks so good!! I think if shes near the area, I will definitely visit her...this is the kind of feedback and recommendation that is invaluable especially for someone who is visiting the city for the first time. So truly, thanks for the recommendations - if you have any other GFE ones you would recommend please share :) 

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