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I called Cataleya (https://www.escortguide.dk/P/cataleya-34352.html & http://www.escort-side.dk/Amira-first-time-in-CPH?ad-id=7910 with a video) first to book her for an outcall meeting later that night because had some meeting and thought she might be busy, but she said that I should contact her one hour before. Contact het later on and sattle up a meeting, in the phone she claimed that she didn't kissed..... :(

In her both adds It's written GFE & OWO in my vocabulary GFE is kissing (with tongue), owo, cuddling and sometimes it even mean sex with out condom. But she cough some so it might he cuz she didn't want to dangerou my health? :)

Anyway we meet up in the lobby and she is quite small and tall girl. When we got up and clear out business I forgott about the no kissing policy so kissed her cheeks and went down to her neck (she giggled some). Went down to her nice breast and sucked and licked them. Than I laid her on her back and went down on her it started to get real hot. One of many reason why I called Cataleya was her tongue piercing (seems she got more than her tounged pierced). So went up kissed her breast again than she reached out with her hand start to foundle my balls and than reached out with her neck and started to suck. Lovely and with lot of eye contact too it felt that nice so had to switch around and we got into 69 instead. That session went on for a good time she got more wet and breath heavier I got more hornier.

I could almost blow my load right there but want some sex too :P

Condom on and she started to ride me in cow girl. After awhile she got real wet down there and she even lean over with her face to mine thought she wanted to kiss but I tried and she smiled and went her head up a while to get in down again start to breath heavier and moan more. That teasing with so close open mouth and no kissing get me on. Start to pump her harder and more soaking noices appear from our bodies and for some more min I couldn't hold it anymore.

About 25 min session was quite long and I was quite tierd (work out for real). We talked some her English is real good just some missunderstands.

Cataleya 8,5 (much plus with her piercings special the one in her tounge who's a real turn on for me, tho a real turn down was the no kissing but she saved that up quite good with her leaning teasing, nothing she can change but might be into more shorter girls but she's not tall tall just taller than most I meet who are most under 170, plus her English)

Sex 8,5 (with kissing it would get higher she saved it up quite good, we had a real nice hot session but with some kisses it would be real great)

Would probably meet her again of course and hope she kiss than, as what I read in some other reviews.


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