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Hi guys

A short review of "Sweet Lia" Amager: https://escortguide.dk/P/special-offer-1hr-1000kr-100-real-pictures--30183.html

I ordered 30m for 600DKK (no extras this time) and the contact with Lia (or her friend, not sure Lia herself talks over SMS etc.) was smooth. I sent of an SMS asking to book 30m and got an reply with more info on location etc. etc.. Of I went.

The place is a good and discreet place close to Fields. I knocked on the door and Lia opened up and man she is nice, beatiful face and beatiful body. I took a quick shower and then laid down on her bed. Lia took her clothes of and started kissing my dick and balls (BJ was without condom as it should be :)) and then took my dick in her mouth and she was very good at BJ´s I thought and I was close to cuming actually almost right away :( (been a while) but i could hold myself and also I wanted to fuck her as well. After a couple of minutes of BJ she put on a condom with her mouth and started to ride me and was OK ride but nothing special. After a bit I asked her if I could taste her and she sat on my face and I licked and tasted her for a couple or minutes and she has a nice pussy. After that I fucked her doggystyle (we were both standing and she was leaned against the bed) and it didn´t take long until I blew my load inside her (in condom of course). All good except it only took 10-15 minutes :(, been a while and was OK i guess but I wish I held on a bit longer to fully experience the time I had and also to try a ouple more positions. Well well, next time. For the remaining 15 minutes or so we talked (her English was very good) and I also touched and played with her boobs some (very nice boobs) before taking a shower and then leaving. All things above are positive and good things and it was a good experience BUT I also want to mention 1 thing that was a bit negative, she seemed A BIT rushed and wanted to rush through the experience (in and out) and was very subtle so no big deal at all and I wasn´t really affected by it but still it was part of the experience and does take down my overall score of the entire experience. To put it in perspective, 99% of the experience was awesome, 1% could have been better (no rushing).

Lia is HOPEFULLY coming back and next time I will take 30 min (or more) but with extras (kiss and CIM).

PS: I also actually thought 600DKK for 30m was a good price and hoping more GP´s come to their senses :) as the prices for GP services in DK etc. IMO is bordering to ridicules. Also all the extras is a bit ridicules that as well, come on GP´s do a fixed rate for it all instead and at a reasonable price (you would probably get A LOT more clients if you did). 

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the idear with all included and more clients will come  requries that price is kept the same means girls should give the extra for free . if they raise the price to include all ..then all the ones that normally dont take extra would complain why they need to pay for that. 

but i agree that ex. kisses for me seems strange to pay for .. because in my mind is like either she like or not . but again .. she would not have sex with me too if i did not pay ... so .. this is not a relationship anyway. 

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