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Review of Silke @ CE/EF

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Now when I've some spare time I can continue my Silke-story!


I called CE (http://www.copenhagen-escort.dk) and the telephone lady said that she was avaible. I was afraid it might be the same because in the phone she said that I should meet Silke at the elevators, same as the other one. She called some min before that she will arrive so I went down to the lobby. A min or two a blond lady in short skirt and heels walked in, said is it Silke and lovely voice said yes. Looked at her and it wasn't the same.

We went up to my room and she looked out at the view oh never seen Cph this beautiful I said can't deny when I looked at Silke from behind and the view. I went up to her and she turned around and gave me a real nice tongue kiss. Think all my blood went up and down because I felt dizzy.

Sorted out money and asked her if she wanted something to drink. She said yes and after some choosing I open up a champagne bottle we start to zip on it than Silke stand over my legs and took my hand under her skirt. Oh!

Someone forgot her panties...and she was already wet try to put up a finger but she said noo... :( bummer

She talked some dirty talk and got quite dominated too I liked it.

Than she asked if she could loan the bathroom to get into more comfortable cloth....a tight skirt with no panties and a tight blouse...what can be better except naked :P

Took some more champagne and she went back in a sexy black lingerie without bottom and sat in a cowgirl position while I sat in the sofa and we kissed. Oh yeah know I felt it start to get excited down there. We kissed some more and she took of my shirt played and licked with my nipples. So start to do the same with her's. She start to complain that she recently got a boobs reduction and got them smaller. I grabbed them and said it still bigger than mine and she laugh and gave me a real sloppy kiss. We continue and kissed and zipped on the champagne than after some more min she wanted me to take off my pants...I couldn't say no to that.

It start to get half stiffed she start to suck on my balls. Lovely feeling so it didn't took long before it start to get erected. She put on a condom and wanted me to fuck her while she and I watch out over Cph.....it felt like a pornomovie. 

We changed position I sat down in the sofa while she ride me in reverse cowgirl position at the same time she zipped some champagne we laughed some and she turned around to a cowgirl position instead....this was so hot while we kissed a lot.

Than she stranded up wanted me to fuck her real hard so she said follow me while she went down on all her four and crept to the middle of the room looked back and up to me. Fuck me!

I went down and took my hands around her and fucked her from behind....oh my..it was good... After awhile it start to hurt on my knees bloody hotel carpet :)

We went up to the bed and continue some doggy before I want her to be on top we kissed a lot. Felt great so forgott about the time for some reason I wouldn't cum even if I was quite close while we fucked doggy on the floor and also when we stand up looked out. Payed her for and extra hour and felt my erection slow down so we kissed drank more champagne and Silke gave me a real good massage and she and I felt that I wasen't just stiff down there my whole body was rock hard, might be a reason why I couldn't cum.

We start over and kissed and got real nice moment and tried again for 30-40 min but even if I didn't cum I had a real nice experianced with one if not The best GP's in Copenhagen.

Silke 8/10 (no fingers, didn't asked for licking but I didn't do it, complain about her boob reduction, everything else was more than great)

Sex 7,5/10 (didn't cum but what a heck stressed, late night, not good sleep and a long day before, did much stuff I've never done with other GP's)

Yes I'll do another booking with Silke at CE or EF (http://www.escortfantasy.dk)

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