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What are my chances?

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During a visit to a klinik a rubber broke. What are my chances?


I`m what you might call happily married (dont know for how much longer though), for many years, no children. My wife was my first, i was not hers and i was always wondering how it is with other women. The thoughts just intensified over the years. I was left alone for few weeks and the thoughts were just racing in my head. I finally could not bare it no more and i thought ill just get it over with and nobody will know. I did not want to fall in love. So i chose a klink -> sexyclub, because i thought they do everything safe. I paid for half an hour. The girl was very pretty, warm, gentle and charming, but to our surprise the rubber broke and we did not notice it only until after. The girl panicked and ran off from the room. I took it as a good sign, as i would not fool myself to think that she cared for me. Later on i was able to talk to her and she told me that she has never been sick. This was my first visit ever.

I know i need to get tested, but from what i have seen online some tests require me to wait for a few months. I`m only alone for a few days more and i will not be able to say "no" to her for that long as she will know and get hurt.

But last thing i want to do is to give her a "souvenir". If i tell her, she will be extermly hurt and it will tear her to shreds, but i will still do it if the risk is high. What would you do? Would you believe the girl?



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Guest anders Jensen

Next Time go to The hospital ASAP and tell Your condom broke when having sex with a prostitute.

then you Will get a hiv protective treatment that In Many cases Will clear The infection if you Were unlucky The Girl is infected.

but do not worry too Much

today hiv is tretable and also rather rare 

but of course see a doctor and get tested

good Luck 

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Guest anders Jensen
AccidentalCustomer skrev, for 29 minutter siden:

It was yesterday. Is it within the time frame?

It says here (http://www.netdoktor.dk/sygdomme/fakta/hiv_aids.htm)

That chance of getting hiv from hiv-positive people with unprotected sex is about 0.1%

Sure - it is LOw so do not worry too Much 

but i Would Take The proper precausions

i do not know The time frane 


kr  Anders 

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Take it easy. Yes 0.1%, - if she is infected. But she is not. I think you can trust her words there, - and you can also see from her reaction that she cares a lot. I think you should count the risk as 0

I hope you don't break a happy marriage due to this mistake which is pretty human. If you tell her she might never forgive you. Good luck whatever you choose! 



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