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After all great reviews from you guys it's time for my first review.

I try my best here :)

I had been looking around for a while and found the ad with April Blue from Mansion Girls. She writes she has been in the porno business but not any longer. There are links to many videos she is acting in and it looked real hot. After visiting her I can confirm it's real pictures. The blowjobs in the videos looked absolutely amazing.

I arrived to the place after making a reservation on phone. I was advised to wait in a room close to the entrance by the girl who managed the phone etc. After a few minutes April Blue came in. I Could see it was the girl from the pictures and the videos. And she looked stunning, of course. She asked what i wanted and I told her 30 minutes with superfrench (1500DKK). The money was paid and we walked to where the fun should begin to happen.

When we were supposed to undress she said she forgot something and be back in a couple a minutes. When she got back I undressed and we got into bed. I must say it didn't feel natural. There was something that didn't work between us. Anyway she started to give head and it was awesome to get blowed with an ex pornstar. After a while the sex started and it badly felt like she wanted it to be over fast. We changed position a couple of times but it was far from engaging from her side. Anyways she had a nice pussy, tight in my opinion. I asked to lick her but she said she didnt do that. When i called and made the reservation i got the info that she did offer licking (included in 30 minutes). I really hoped it would be more engaging from the girl. On the homepage she offers deepthroat (+300DKK) but when asking on reservation April doesn´t offer it. I think it was done in about 20 minutes.

I´ve seen another review here with different opinion than mine. I hope next time will be more amazing.

I just wanted to share my experience and my first "anmeldelse" :)

Link on escortguide: https://escortguide.dk/P/mansiongirls-16659.html

Link to her page on MansionGirls: http://www.mansiongirls-cph.com/pige.php?id=217


Ps: She will be here for 3 more days.

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