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Review of Karolina & Lisa!

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Hi again!

Some months ago I tried a threesome with Lilly & Giggi, so browsed around and saw it appeared up a lot of two girl ads. But most of them are incalls :( found one for 1h 1400 DKK.....so Lilly & Giggy who got back went down to 1600 DKK :-o

 After awhile I found Karolina and Sandy escort for 1900 DKK for 1h outcall, superfrench, kisses, 69 and sex.


I call but seems she was busy she hung up on me. So called three hours later same thing but this time she answered on my text 10-15 min after, to call again so we talked arranged and asked what it was included in the price and it was that I listed above. We arranged the meeting.

10 min before she text me again said they were in the taxi, so told them/her to text back when they arrived. 2-3 min got text from another number might be Sandy's they seem to get there quicker ;) I went down and they got out Sandy didn't look like the picture but Karolina did. They hugged me and kissed me said their name...thought I hear another name than Sandy...but what a heck. Sorted out business on my room. (I've done some research it seems to be Lisa https://www.escortguide.dk/P/sweet-lisa--25566.html, instead real pictures there too. Saw that Sandy had her last day some day ago).

We took off everything except our underwear, or Lisa took her bra off too real nice tits (looked like silicon, but a B-cup firm and round shaped) and red thongs so you could see her tight firm ass. We jumped up in the bed and I asked if they could do some lesbian show, they looked on each other Karolina said something in Hungarian (did some reasearch) to Lisa who just smiled, Karolina said no. 

She kissed me....hmm 2 girls no lesbian action....almost like at Lily & Giggi's place ;) Lisa jumped up on her knees so had her lovely tits and ass in a reach of my hand while Karolina start to kiss my nipples and went down south.... didn't took long until she had my cock in her mouth. Was nice start to grab Lisa's tits and ass even more wonder if I could lick her. She smiled and said yes climbed up and sat with her ass to my face lovely view (I was in heaven). We continue for 5-10 min and Lisa start to moan (not acting) I felt I get harder and harder, so started to prepair Lisas pussy some more by finger her she took my hand and Karolina stopped suck and said no fingers please. I thought allright she's wet. The condom got on and Lisa climb on in a cow girl position. She seems to like it she bounced quite much and hard try to make me cum faster ;) not that fast she start to moan some more while Karolina start to kiss me and lick/suck my nipples, quite a turn on but not as grabbing Lisa's tight and firm ass, almost like i come. I felt that Lisa starting to get tierd to bounce up and down so I started to drill her instead. She getting more wet and moan lowder....it was excited...and get me real horney....told her to switch position to doggy style.....put it in ooh lovely wet still tight and nice...didn't took many in and outs before she moan again....with that view of her body and ass...moaning, wetness and tightness I couldn't hold it in cum in condom while I fucked her she moaned of satisfaction. She lay on her side oh it's hot and laughed a little I kissed her still grandma kisses tho. I went out to the toilet to throw the condom away and clean myself up down there for preperation for second round. Went back and they spoke hungarian and laugh, Lisa went in to shower so I talked some with Karolina. I looked quick at my phone about 25 min session not wonder why we were hot and tiered after.

We talked some more and thought, that might start second round before time goes out. So looked at Lisa and tell her if she could suck me instead...she didn't thought or hear I washed before her so went out again. When I went back she start to suck directly, ooh better than Karolina. Asked if I could lick Karolina she smiled and said yes did same but had her front to my face. For some reason she didn't sat on my face so had hard to reach her pussy maybe didn't want to get that wet as Lisa. Lisa was that god so felt I reach the limit so she put on a condom while Karolina climbed up in a cow girls. Because I haven't licked her that good she was not aroused at all and real tight.... We changed to doggy and got better even if it felt I lost my mojo. Karolina turned around and sucked with the condom on got some harder I let Karolina lay on her back and drilled her some but now my mojo was down totally. I looked at the clock it was just 10 min left and it felt it wouldn't come back in that time. So called it.

Threesome little better than Lilly & Giggi's but they got a lesbian show I forgott to ask about tho.

Karolina 7/10 (smelled a little smoke once or two when she kissed with some open mouth, nice tits even if she had her bra on almost all the time, okey ass, grandma kisses, good blowjob and not best sex might be to close to The first one)

Lisa 9/10 (nice ass, nice tits, sucked real good, just grandma kisses and no finger otherwise great)

Sex 8,5/10 (Lisa maid it over 8 so next time it will just be 1on1 with her)


yeah I recommend both but I'll go by Lisa if I had to choose between them.




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I'm a man with promises!

I text Sweet Lisa (https://www.escortguide.dk/P/sweet-lisa--30664.html) and she answered quite quick again (I tried some months ago, but she just got some times after I had left Copenhagen). We meet up outside and we hugged and kissed each other on the cheeks, just that tiny as I remember her.

We went up to my room sorted out buinsess, than she walked up to me and we tounge kissed for awhile. Yes I couldn't hold my hands off for longer, maybe the seconds before our tounges hit each other I had both my hands grabbing her lovely tight ass cheeks. :P

We started to undress each other while we kissed until we just both stand in our underwears. Lisa dropped her bra off too and those lovely teeny perky well shaped tits got out. Her body is so sharp, tiny and perky it feels you got your high school love in your room. She got a quite mature face (not that she looks old, more that you are with some over 20) ;)

After some kissing and me grabbing her ass in her thongs we moved to the bed there I lay down she jumped up in a cow girl and we continue to kiss, she also start to grind her lower body with our underwear on it start to get hot. She asked if I want her to suck me, look a teenage school boy my underwear were off in a second. :D

She knew what I wanted so she put her ass close to me and started to suck while I grabbed her ass and fondle her nice tits. We changed to a 69 and now I got her lovely ass in front of me, start to lick her good. Dunno if she felt comming, but she suddenly lift up and told me she wanted to fuck instead, I didn't say no. She grab for a condom and started to ride me in cow girl for awhile at the same time a fondle her tits. Than we changed to doggy and got that lovely sight of her ass again, she started to moan and breath heavier while she grabbed the sheets harder and harder with her hands. With all that it didn't took long before I had to cum. A good 20 min session we lay down chit-chat for 10 min before she asked if should do it one more time. I thought we haden't the time so forgott to take a shower so she put up a condom and sucked with it on. Yeah it got erected after several min so didn't really got that excited before the time run out.

Lisa 9/10 (she tasted/smell smoke when we kissed the only downer, my own fault not to shower between and I could get her amazing blow once more without the condom)

Sex 9/10 same as above

Still recommend her lovely girl

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