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I have asked before, but a lot has changed. Does anyone here know about some sexy escorts with hairy pussy? I'm not looking for wild grown, but a nice defined triangle. I know about Fanny and Liv. But are someone else? A hairy and beautiful pussy is the single most attribute on a woman :-P

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Mr. Bigglesworth skrev, for 1 minut siden:

Have you visited her? And, was it a good experience?

Yes i have. I had a good time vith Isabella, gave a little and got a lot back again :D 

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Mr. Bigglesworth skrev, Lige nu:

That sounds nice. :-) What is her prices? And, does she have a full bush or is she trimmed?

1500 for a hour with superfransk. I guess its full bush, but kept within the bikini line. If you want to visit dont wait to long, she was talking about going home at the end of the week. 

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