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This is my first review ever. Whether you like my review or not, agree or have some other experiences with the girl, I'm happy to take some feedback.

Today, I ordered a session with Miko at Gormsgade. I ordered the session only 70 minutes before I was at their door. No complaints :)

Why did I pick this girl and this place? I read a very positive review by Cuddler, and bogholderen also recommended that I went to Gormsgade the first time. The girl can be seen here: http://side6.dk/resultatside/?q=2872. Pictures 2-3-4 are very similar to her. I recommend reading Cuddler's review before mine, since he writes it very well, and there's a lot of things I'm not going to repeat since he already said it. Reading his review was a pleasure to me - thanks, Cuddler! (Check it out here:


The picture is somewhat unrelated, but this is how I came the second time, only a bit further, so a drop hit her chin, hehe :)


I'm the kind of person who likes it when kissing and holding hands evolves into oral and soft sex which evolves further into hard sex. However, there's this weird turn on I get from actually finding out a girl's limits and respecting them. The knowledge that I could hurt her if I wanted to, but I'm not going to. My cock is not huge, but it's big, and most small girls can't hide it if I'm thrusting too hard. Miko is 150 cm tall and although she's not the tightest Asian I've been with, I've still never been with an Asian girl that could take it as hard as I give it to my girlfriend back home. Not trying to brag, just stating the facts you need to make use of my review. I simply don't like it if it's much too hard for the girl, but if she likes it rough, I'm also more than fine with that. Here's the review of Miko:

I had a really nice experience with Miko. She has a prime personality, and what she can't say in English (most things), she manages in body language ;) She asked me to shower even though I was completely clean from home, whatever, it was a nice icebreaker since it was my first time.

It started out well with kissing, she has a pointy tongue which some may like, but I prefer good kissing rather than a pointy tongue. Much to my own surprise I was actually taking the lead, kissing her from the neck down to that sweet little pussy, which she seemed to really enjoy. It was a tease from my side, and when I got back up to her, the kissing was very different from earlier, she didn't seem as tense as before.

Her teasing skills are sublime. She knows how to use her hands better than most women I've been with (mostly girlfriends and long-time lovers... I've never had a one-night-stand, don't know why...), and she got me turned on to the point where I actually wanted to just lift her up and stick it in. I don't know if that would've been too much, though. I asked for a condom, and we went missionary for a short while, which went from nice and easy to hard to easy again. Missionary with asian girls, not only with Miko, is quite overrated, in my opinion. They are better suited for riding on top, which Miko perfectly for a while, until I grabbed her sweet little cheeks and paced up, cumming in my condom. It probably sounds more impressive than it was, but it was nice enough.

The thing which Cuddler mentioned about the cuddling is so true. She hugged me, stroked my chest, kissed me on my neck etc for what must have been two minutes. It had been a rough riding, in spite of her small weight (50 kilo? Not much more), but she somehow managed to get me ready for one more load. Her handjob sucked at making me closer to cumming, but then again, that wasn't her point at all. She was teasingly handblowing me with 2-3 fingers, to a point where I had to tell her to use the full hand. She jerked me nicely for a while, me lying on my back, and her sitting up next to me. I pointed at her boobs and mimicced the question if it's okay I cum there? She seemed satisfied that I wanted to do it once more. A little cowgirl, a lot of jerking later (where I had to literally force her to use both hands in a much rougher way than her teasing), she drew out a cumshot which shot from the edge of her pussy and hit a drop on the chin, haha :D I'm impressed by this girl! We were both laughing immediately afterwards, and after cleaning, we cuddled once more, until I told her that my time was probably up. She gave me almost an hour for the 900 DKK, which were supposed to make 30 minutes... I'm not complaining at all :)

The only thing I missed was a proper blowjob. She spent a few minutes licking the sides of my cock with the tip of her tongue. It was a nice tease, but I could tell early on she wasn't going to blow it properly, so why the tease? I also prefer flat tongue and real blowing.

One important and one funny detail:

- It was excruciatingly hot outside, but she had a fan in her room which cooled it to a comfortable temperature. That made a big difference :)

- While she was jerking me with two hands, trying hard to make me cum one more time, she accidentally said "Sí, sí!", and I responded to her in the only Spanish I know, which is a proverb that I'm not going to reveal since I can be identified easily from it... but hell it was fun to watch her reaction when I suddenly seemed like a pro Spanish speaker, and it was almost at the end of the session. She even started speaking a bit after that, but I'm not very good at Spanish, so it kinda fell to the ground. I managed to ask her how long she's staying, and she told me she's staying at Gormsgade for almost a month more; so guys: Go try her, if you think she sounds like your type!

Needless to say, I was very nervous, since it was my first time paying someone to have sex with me. On my way to the place, a 25 minute trip, I kept imagining that it would become awkward because I wouldn't have the guts to initiate. Don't judge me, guys and girls, but I'm still living high on the fact that I managed to take the lead :)) The chemistry was good and she made me come twice, cuddled appropriately and didn't overact at any point. I'm not going to rate her in any way, since she's my first, but I might give her a 1-10 rating later on when have more to compare with.


Yours truly, Nybegynder221990

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