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FKK Clubs in Stuttgart (The Luxor and Sakura)

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Recently spent a few days in Stuttgart. The city is "flying under the radar" with regards to FKK clubs, so I wanted to try it for myself.

I visited two clubs The Luxor which is in Echterdingen, just one S-bahn stop from the airport. And also Sakura which is in Böblingen, southerst of Stuttgart but easily accessible (about half an hour from airport) via S-bahn. There are decent budget hotels near to each location.

The Luxor

Arrived at about 19.30. The place is medium-sized and is decorated in an oriental theme. I never use the sauna but there's one dry sauna and one steam room. Also a jacuzzi. The wellness area is just to the side of the main lounge, so not really as separate as at Mainhattan or Artemis for example.

Food was boring and bland.

Lineup was decent, about 30-40 girls. Not much different from any other FKK, some lookers, some average and some less attractive. But tastes differ between clients of course. All I spoke to were Romanians.

Went with two girls. First one had black straight hair, enhanced lips and tits. She quoted me the prices. 100€ for basic cbj, licking and fucking. Gfe pack for 200€ including kissing, bbbj. Also had a full service pack with A+, cim, multicum 1 hour for 500€. Fucking was with condom for all packs. I went with gfe pack for 200€.
Ot was a decent experience, apart from her moving away from me when licking. She really avoided me which was a turnoff and I've never had it happen before. Also she interrupted in the middle of the session to try and upsell A+ for another 100 which I declined. Fucking was good, but overall too much upsell and too poor service.

Second girl was petite with small A-tits and straight brown hair. Really pretty. Went for basic for 100€. She behaved mich the same when I was licking her, moving away from me. I never had this done before, so must be a tactic at the club... Finally after some boring fucking where she held my dick in place, I ejaculated but didn't climax. Again, service was poor and I was glad I took the basic pack.

Overall assessment - will not return. I could consider going back if I had a quick layover in Stuttgart as you can get to the club from the airport literally in 15 minutes by S-bahn.



Arrived few minutes after opening. The club is absolutely beautiful in a modern decor. There are three floors. Ground level is entrance, reception, lounge, bar and restaurant. Upstairs are the rooms. Downstairs are locker rooms and relax area with dry and steam sauna. During my visit they were putting in a new pool/jacuzzi. Will probably be nice. There is also s quiet room and the normal massage room. From the relax area you can access a small garden, which also has access to the main lounge.

The main lounge, bar and restaurant are non-smoking. There is a decently sized smokers lounge as a separated part (with glass walls) of the main lounge.

Food was great, at breakfast there was bread, cheese and sandwich meats. Also eggs, sausage and some other things. At dinner there was a chili-con-carne and also a steak which seemed of high quality beef. Also salmon wraps, some salad and for dessert - churros. All very tasty.

The likeup was good imo. At the start of the day there were several older (40-45+) women who seemed to focus on the older german regulars in attendance. There were also a handful of younger good looking girls of different appearance. As the day advanced more girls arrived and when I left at about 19.00, I'd say there were around 30 girls. Most of them very pretty.

I had three rooms with four girls. All were really good, with great service from the girls. Base price is 100€ with bbbj, kissing, licking etc. Cim would be extra, dont know how much. Minimal upsell!

First room, with a bulgarian gypsy. Real gfe feeling with intense dfk, very responsive in licking. Good owo, great fucking. She was really fun, even though my german and her english were equally bad. But we made do with the language of love :D 100€ +tips.

Second girl was a nice girl from Moldova. Had a good chat in the lounge and her English was perfect. Big naturals. She gave me a great bbbj sitting in a chair in the room. Then I returned the favour. It was really intimate and she seemed to enjoy my licking. Such a conteast from the night before at Luxor! Had a great room with her. 100€+tips.

Last room was with a blonde girl from Hungary. Enhanced breasts, also great English. Really pretty face and hot body. She thought we should invite her friend, to which I agreed. Her friend was a pretty brunette girl from Moldova, small A naturals. Had a great threesome where both girls were really involved and eager to please. Even some light touching between the girls. Finished with the blonde girl, and I feel I was unfair to the brunette, so I will have to meet her again next time :D Cost 100+tips x2.


If you are looking for an FKK in Stuttgart I highly recommend you visit Sakura. Great girls, great facilities. One of my best FKK experiences to date. I'd say that Sakura is similar to Mainhattan in feel and lineup. But I think it's even better actually. If you prefer Sharks (huge club and lineup) you might be disappointed though. I am putting Sakura into my rotation of FKK clubs.

I'd recommend to give The Luxor a miss, unless you are pressed for time and have a layover.

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