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It’s me again, sorry for a long review & an old one!


For several years now I’ve try to contact and book Lilly for a meeting, but she never replied and called me back.:cry: So thought to give it up to visit her. Yes I’ve falling her rules to contact her and I’m not a rude guy always friendly in my text and when I’m in a talking conversation, even if the other part doesn’t play nice.


Finally the fall of 2021, when Denmark open for a month I had a visit and found out now she also can be contacted by WhatsApp instead of call or text. Think it might take 15 min before she answer, and I went like a kid on Christmas with joy. We arrange a time for a meeting.:D


At that time (hasen’t had time to meet her since) she had a nice apartment at Tegleholmen. Text her thru WhatsApp I arrived about 5 min before time. This is a part I don’t really like to wait outside a door to get a code to press or an apartment number to call. It also feel long time before an answer think I just waited 2-3 min before she answer, but felt like rush hour had to say hello and try my charming Danish to several person who greetings to me like I lived their on my own, so a nice area.:P


Got instruction on floor & and she open up the door when I arrived to the floor, so it wasen’t that difficult to finally get to her.


When I went in and had my first second of sight on her. She don’t lie, she’s very petite and lovely.


She walked me into a room don’t remember if she at the time had an offer with Kira at the time, but was a nice apartment. Due to it was quite a warm day I said yes when she offer me a shower, so she show me the bathroom and all things I could use shower gel, shampoo, conditioner & mouthwash you name it. And a fresh nicely smell towel.


I went back to the room and we sorted out the business. Remember she wear a kimono or a robe who where quite short because once when she turn her back to me for showing me the bathroom, I peeked her lovely butt cheeks.


What I remember we kissed each other quite lips to lips, but mostly due to she want to put the money in a bag in a corner. Thought that was it.


I lose the towel and went to the bed to lay down still had underwear on. I remember Lilly was in the end of the bed turned her back and her dropped the kimono, and that lovely ass was now shown in full, a real treat. She turnerned around and went down in the bed on all fours and went up to me and gave me a hell of a tounge kiss. We were on.


I remember we kissed for a long time before my underwear even went off, and soon after that her lips, tounge was on, around and so on my cock. She was real good nothing I didn’t expected, start to foundling her nice tits outside her bra. I could just reach her back to unhook her bra off so start to squeeze those lovely tits. She was in a position where I couldn’t really reach her lovely ass.


Think she notice that, so with out say anything or ask her she moved up with her ass to me. And start to foundling, caressing her sweat ass when she still had a nice thong on, while she still giving me a real nice blowjob.


This going on for minutes and start to think to give her some pleasure, but before I ask her she went up to me and gave me a long tounge kiss (one you might get before you travel away for a deadly adventure). After the kiss she, tell me she want to fuck me… and I didn’t say no.


A condom went on some sucking before her sexy thongs went off and she climbed up on me in cowgirl position slowly motion in the start before we kissed each other and she start to hump up and down faster. It felt real good and one of the best gfe ever.


It also went to steamy for me and would soon shoot off, so I wanted to change position to doggy. Oh my felt quite tighter in that position, and that sight with that lovely ass. Now she also started to moan more. And yes it couldn’t be too many minutes in that pose before my load went off.


Booked a short meeting and after a quick shower I remember it was no clock watching, and was little bit risky when I read a later review where someone wrote she wasen’t that focused anymore. I hadn’t that experience at all it felt like my girlfriend and when I left, I thought I want to be back soon.:x

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Jeg var også forbi i sidste uge.

Hun var utrolig nem og hurtig at lave en aftale med på sms, selvom at det var i sidste øjeblik, og fredag aften endda.

Flot ny lejlighed, der virker forholdsvis diskret, og nem og meget diskret gratis 2 timers parkering rundt om hjørnet.

Super flot og meget petit pige, meget sød og serviceminded. Tilbudt bad både før og efter, med rene velduftende håndklæder.

Jeg hverken så eller hørte noget til hendes telefon imens at jeg var der, og jeg følte at hun var meget obs på at give en god service, og følte ikke at der blev kigget på klokken.

Meget vellignende billeder, selvom at jeg alligevel blev overrasket over hvor petit og cute hun egentlig er.


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