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Celinne in Roskilde, great attitude.

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Hello again for my second review.

As I mentioned before, I am here to share, not to engage. People had a good discussion in my last thread and I could see that someone actually found it helpful in real life, which made me very happy. Just paying back all the help I have gotten here. Thanks again.

Celinne in Roskilde was a breath of fresh air because of her attitude.

The communication was great, even at late night, easy, and precise.

The place was ok (good enough), easy parking, a highway exit is close by and it's not in a "public" area.

She looks younger than in her pictures, more attractive in real life and the age fits very well.

Honestly, I am impressed with her, let me explain.

Her attitude with me was on another level. She is not super happy or bubbly, but easy-going and kind. 

Her English is good, but she does not overuse it, she is more of a selective talker, but again, in a way that feels familiar, not rushed, not commanding, just easy.

She has soft skin, a nice natural firm and young body, a couple of tattoos here and there but nothing dominating in my opinion.

Again, her attitude shinned for me:

I did not feel rushed or that she wanted to finish quickly, she actually stopped moving when I asked her to stop, as I was about to come but wanted to enjoy her a little longer.

Great eye contact, she has this down to an art form I feel. I looked down when she was on her back and I was on top (we were forming a 90-degree angle, I was not on top of her body) and she had these piercing eyes that made me feel I had her full attention.

It feels as if she does not make noises if she does not feel like it. At least they feel natural, that goes a long way for my performance and enjoyment.

Easy and fast position changing. (sometimes taking a long time to change, makes me lose momentum) I asked for an extra pillow, I asked for specific positions that make me happy (like breasts on my face while she rides me) and she was easy-going and kind about it.

A funny and great thing for me... she was getting some SMS while on doggy style and she reached for her phone to put it on silent, but I told her that it was ok to check and reply... then I could brake her concentration with some well-timed movements, it was very exciting, I wish she had a call right at that moment.

Generous with her body. Touching, caressing, kissing, sucking, felt natural with her. I felt I was allowed to be passionate about it. I really enjoyed that. 

As you can read from my review, Celinne is a very open and kind person, I wish her the best of luck and to keep her attitude as fresh and nice as the day I met her.

In conclusion, she is a breath of fresh air for me, and I can highly recommend her.

Please take into consideration that this was my experience, I hope you experience the same or better, at least you know that she is capable of this.





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