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Wild polish sugarbabe

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I joined SugarDaters about a month ago and as we’re in the virtual world now have been connecting with girls around the world rather than in Denmark to send pictures and videos. It’s true that you meet a number of girls that are clearly fake accounts but you occasionally hit gold. By far the best is a girl I met online from Poland. She’s on SugarDaters by the name kinkybabyy https://sugardaters.com/da/profile/Pmo-xN.mon

She’s regularly online and is reasonably quick to respond. 
She makes personalized videos and pics, I.e. clearly made for you to your suggestion and she has NO limits.  She will do anything.  I asked her what turns her on and she said ‘money’ :-)  I strongly suggest anyone looking for a bit of online fun reach out to her.  It’s quite a ride :-) she’s one sexy crazy chick and I’m very happy I found her.  Just what’s needed to break the Covid boredom!




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I have had some experience's with Polish and Russian video girls, and also with the girl you mention.

I ended up turning her down, since she didn´t seem happy with what i offered.

I give 50$ for 10 min stripping and masturbating with face visible.

How much do you pay, and for what?

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Not really.

I have asked a couple of them, and there were no interest in me recommending them.

But i can help you in general if you want.

Do you have a validation process, to weed out the fakes and the shy? 

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Du kan oprette et indlæg nu og oprette dig som bruger bagefter. Hvis du allerede har oprettet en bruger, så log ind her for at oprette et indlæg med den bruger.

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