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Today I had my second rendezvous with Katalina in Glostrup.


About a month ago I met her for the first time. Actually I was a bit suspicious and thought that her pics might be fake, so I booked only short time. But oh boy was I wrong. She welcomed me in the door with a big smile and kisses, and yes she is as beautiful as her pictures. Should have booked the Full Monty I thought, but  nevermind we had a nice quickie and a 69 with a very happy ending. I promised myself that I would visit her again some day.

That some day was today. 

Early this morning I sent her a txt which she immediately answered, and the arrangements were made. I wanted a full hour with mega and anal.

Again I was met wit a big smile, and she was wearing a super sexy outfit with stilettos. Katalina is very professional and polite, and makes you feel very welcome. I took a shower (nice selection of showergel, mouthwash, clean towels etc. - like a hotel) and went back to her room. She welcomed me with a tonge kiss and then removed the towel from my hips and took my dick in her mouth. Then we made love in any possible way for more than an hour, until we both came ( or if she faked, she did it so well, that I believed it :-) ).

We then had a nice conversation about everything and nothing,  it’s obvious that she is as intelligent as she is sweet and sexy.

I will definitely meet her again.










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TheGentleman skrev, den 2.9.2020 at 23:59:

I will definitely meet her again.

Ask for a tight outfit, leggings and short top. You will end up marvelling at the sight.


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