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Dear brothers,

Sorry for the long post. Yes! It’s a new account and the post is in English, go easy on me please :). (I visit the form regularly though and read all the posts, it is tempting and entertaining)

Why a new account now? - Because it’s the least I can do in return after a wonderful experience besides, now it’s my turn to contribute to the forum.

Having visited less GPs than fingers in your right (or left) hand, I am fairly new in this game. Some look for a quick bang/hot sex and some for a sweet GFE, I was seeking the later. Having read some good reviews, I contacted Chelly, it was easy to communicate and we agreed on time suitable for both.

As I approached the door, I felt anxious with thoughts racing about things that could go wrong, doors opened and I was welcomed by Chelly with a beautiful smile. First thing she said was “How was your day”, wait a sec, isn’t this what your GF would ask when you return home from work?.  “Isn’t it too hot? Take off your clothes, I’ll get you your towel” she said. Nice cold shower put me at ease and I was back in the room. We exchanged endearments and loving kisses while our hands explored and our bodies gently danced to the background music, “sexy vibes” I said pointing to the name of the playlist, “apt isn’t it? Don’t you like it?” was the response. Our hands continued to explore and when I struggled to free one of the hook, she said with a smile “let me help you with that”. Adorable, isn’t she?

After loads of hugs and kisses “Lie down” she commanded :wub: and gave me an amazing blowjob. I grew impatient, was aching to taste her

Me: I want to lick you

Chelly: How do you want to lick me

Me: You LIE DOWN (used her own line :))

Chelly: Lie down, yes sir (and she giggled)

Her fingers ran through my hair every now and then, while I licked her to my heart’s content, our fingers entangled, we grasped each other’s hands tight, her legs and stomach trembled while her sweet moans filled the room. It was hot and intimate

“Now it is my turn” she said with a naughty look on her face, it only got hotter from here, passionate kisses and playful and sensual blowjob and then on with the missionary position. “WAIT, I’ll show you something, stay still” she said and moved her hips like a skillful painter applying brush strokes on a canvas, that was the most sexiest thing I have experienced, it was a treat to my eyes and you know where :P, missionary again and I came so hard in her.

Time flew in her company and a man had to go. We parted with a sweet kiss and I was back on the street smiling like a Cheshire cat and back to my room, sitting in the balcony enjoying the beautiful colors of the dusk with a chilled beer wishing I had a GF like her also, thinking if I should take a shower immediately (I smelled like her and did not want that to go away). Don't judge me, I took a shower LOL.

Few more details keeping the general format of posts in mind

Place: Place easy to find, residential building did not encounter anyone either way in or out. It is small, cozy and clean.

Repetition: Hell yeah! 100%

Last words: She is adorable, and a sweetheart. All you brothers out there, kindly treat her well and take care of her.

@Chelly If you are reading this, Thank you for an amazing time. 


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