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I am a new user here, I don't even have a username - will call myself T-bone. Just knew that this forum existed :D

I have been going through some of the probable candidates that are up to my taste. However, I have texted Melina a few days back and to my surprise she told me that I have already visited her some time ago. When I saw the pictures I could not remember that it was her, that's why I mistakenly texted her.

To summarize a bit, I visited Melina back in mid-February just before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was my first time actually paying for a service and I wanted to try something new.

At that time, she was staying somewhere in the city center near the LEGO/Flying tiger stores. Once she opened up the door, I directly felt a switch in my mood because I was expecting a gorgeous blonde girl in underwear. (Remember it is my first time doing such a thing) So I got in nonetheless.. I had around 1000 DKK cash in my hand and I gave her 800 (for 30 mins) and then she took additional 100 before we got into action. 

She had darker skin  (I prefer light skinned babes) and her hair was of a dark color. Her face was not up to expectations. The best thing about her body was the ass actually, it was a full small booty - not as big as the pictures. 

She directly laid me on the bed and started blowing me with a condom on. After like 10 mins, she started riding me - cowgirl position. What bothered me the most was not that it was not the same girl in the pictures. It was just the lifeless action I got from her. Perhaps I was the problem as well I dont know.

But she rode me for 20 mins and I actually did not cum. So I told her if she has to finish me soon she had to do some more effort. Then I actually forced myself to cum.


It wasn't a pleasant experience. Not my type and not my type of sex.  It was dull without any intimacy. I could have just wanked at home and saved the 900 DKK . But still it was an experience for me. 




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