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That door with the red lanterns near Istedgade

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Ok, so I will begin with an appology if this has been mentioned, but I couldn't find anything when searching so...

If you're going down Istedgade, there is a side street to the left that I can't remember the name of where there is a door down some short stair where there are always red lanterns, and that is also the place where I met Isabel what seems like a long time ago... I've passed by there many times going to other places and recently I saw a man enter there when I passed by...


Now, is there always someone working there when the lights are on and is it actually a drop-in place as well?  I don't think I've seen ads mention being there but then again, Isabel said that address when we met after mentioning an area I first thought was in a completely different part of Copenhagen. Maybe I'm just confused about what areas are called and where they are, seeing as I'm not a resident but...

Anyway, any light shed on this would be appreciated. Not that I think I'll just drop in anyway, I kind of like to know who I am meeting :) But you never know, one of those long nights when noone you want seems to be avilable and you're about to give up and go home, I might try my luck :p

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Torpedos skrev, for 10 minutter siden:

...can't stop thinking about which way is up and down and which side is left and right of the street :-)

Sorry, failed to mention it's down Istedgade from the central station (you will have Thai Corner on you right if you keep walking)...

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