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I had the great pleasure of meeting Lori yesterday. I saw her profile on


and we communicated by Emails at first. She seemed nice but as anyone knows, it is often that the profiles of the girls are fake in one way or another. Well, I'm happy to say that nothing was fake with Lori. She is the woman on the pictures, and much much more. I sent her information about my fantasy, and a little scenario and ideas I wanted her to perform. I had experienced mistresses (goddess Akesha for example) that didn't do at all what I asked but Lori surpassed my expectations! She did an amazing job of implementing my wishes to the session, and even came up with things herself that I loved. She is a beautiful human being easy to talk to, very professional and my only regret is that she is not always in Copenhagen. She comes often thought, in her nice and discreet apartment.

Thank you Lori for our time together, you are now part of my sexual fantasies.

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Dicky70 skrev, for 4 timer siden:

What do you mean? Because it is in english it is not real? 

Something like that.

Some of the ads are english of course.

But this part of the site, is not af commercial or targeted sale site.

Its a forum (people expected to live here). So funny seing english, and why do it.

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Horus skrev, for 13 timer siden:

Hmm samme indlæg på 2 dage, på engelsk og af ny bruger. Lidt wired

It is very real man. The explanation is simpler than your think: I am a foreigner and I live in Denmark. I don't speak Danish, and as you can see on my profile I am a new member to this site, and I just wanted to give a nice review for her. You are free to believe what you want, but you don't know what you are missing... She was really good. But anyways, I don't have to explain myself for too long, she already has many good reviews. 

PS: I reposted my post a second time in another folder because I was told my first post was in the wrong folder. Me not understanding Danish, it actually makes sense. Have a good day.

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