Lucie Ray

, Kvinde, 31 år
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Lucie in Amager

Hello there,
I would wish to express my sincere appreciation for your visit here.
I struck it lucky with your interest in what I may be able to do in order to meet your carnal desires as well as platonic ones!

*Please note - I don't like cold and robotic calculations, so all the things that I mention on my website, I provide without hidden costs, they are based on hygiene. Thanks!*

I am an early bird and am available from 9am - 10pm

Pleasure is what I seek and provide enthusiastically and with endless apetite.
Anticipation, stimulation of all senses, transcending everything tangible and finding eclectic intangible rewards from all the above. Simply - assorted seasoning to all the different flavours we can taste.

I enjoy immensely close intimate affairs.
Warmth, tenderness, all encompassing real-life human connection is what I endeavour.
Gentle and long embraces, light strokes, running my fingers through someone's hair/beard.
Feeling the heat of their body, their unique scent...

Or... if we feel a bit more excited, we can step it up a notch.
I am always inclined for extracurricular activities.
Behind the scenes, the tour embodies debauchery and hedonism.
I will gladly oblige to any desires that go with what I presume I will be good at, and if it coincides with what I truly enjoy. I take pleasure in seeing others being satisfied.

I particularly enjoy - edging, long foreplay to increase the tension, and roleplays, as I have uniforms as well.

Check my website for more details

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Om Lucie Ray
Vægt 49 kg
Højde 158 cm
Tilbyder escort Ja
Tilbyder massage Ja
Kropsbygning Atletisk
Øjenfarve Brun
Etnicitet Kaukasisk(hvid)
Hårfarve Brun
BH størrelse B
Brysttype Naturlig
Kønsbehåring Glatbarberet
Taler engelsk Ja
Taler tysk Ja
Har tatovering Ja
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1h Nuru kr. 1.200,-
90mins Nuru kr. 1.800,-
2h Nuru kr. 2.300,-
1h GFE kr. 1.800,-
2h GFE kr. 3.500,-
3h GFE kr. 5.000,-
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