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Hi everyone!

I had to visit Natasa so badly. As Electra Wild and Natasa they seems to get here when I'm not here. So I text her (it was on the night) about two hours notice. For some reason in her second msg she asked me what room I stayed hadn't asked where I lived.....strange but nice English better than most. Yeah I know it has been written about her but with more sources you get a better view collect some here:Review 1, Review 2Review 3.

10 min before she should arrive she text me that she was down stairs. I went down and didn't took that long to pick her out from the crowd she looked exactly like her profile. It was cold outside so she had a long winter jacket to her knees and just below them her boots started. When we got up to my room we arranged the finacial 1400 DKK for 30 min outcall, kisses & GFE. She dropped her jacket and I went up to her to get her a hug and a kiss. She answered dropped her bag cares my head/hair while I grabbed her ass outside her jeans it felt nice.... She got nice tongue too so thought about the other reviews about her blowjobs it will go well. :P

I start to feel it getting awake down there. We kissed and grabbed, cares each other while we get naked. Suddenly I just stand in my underwear and she in a nice thong and bra. Seems she lost some weight compare to some of her pictures. Not that she's fat there. I finally got to feel her butt naked ass with her thong and pressed myself into her so I felt her nice boobs. She put out some lube and wet towels and jumped to the bed. We stand there on our knees and kissed each other her hand start to get down and she cares my cock outside my underwear. It felt real nice she bended down to kiss my nippel and stomach. Started to litteral blow me outside my underwear while she foundle her hand around my balls. I try to unhook her bra but failed some my thoughts where somewhere else. Finally I hooked up and she put the bra in the end of the bed. Now she started to kiss the line above my underwear felt so sensuell and sexy while I grabbed her ass and tits. Real nice both of them. She lift her head up gave me a nice tounge kiss than down again to put my cock out. It was time I lay down while she took som wet towel and cleaned it...while she jerked me it was good too. Than it start oh my!

She sucked real nice licked from the bottom while she cares the balls....she kissed them too it was great.....she used her tongue by kicking the top real great...as someone wrote I could come but had to have sex with her too just booked 30 min. So I raised up my overbody kissed her with a long tongue kiss and start to grab her ass she understood what was going on she took her nice thongs off showen her ass for me. My cock winked she saw it and smile/laugh a little, I might get a red face so told her "you got a great ass"....than I asked her "can I lick you" she wasen't that slow put up her legs and got that lovely butt in my face with her pussy just at my mouth. She started to moan while she sucked my cock better and better, start to grab her ass and tits starting to heat up. She went up so mouth fucked me with her pussy oh my she moaned try to reach her tits so grabbed her ass instead. Than she lean down to me kissed med for long time.

During that kiss she reach for the lube put some on her finger and jerked it in I start to foundle her tits, stomach and down to her clit and stimulate it she was moaning so put a finger in....and out...in again and than she said ooh no finger babe...I grabed her ass instead but not for long she was already up to climb my hard cock.....

Oh my, I thought she should easy get down (she was real wet, no doubt), but her pussy was tight. I'm not the biggest (might got growth one) but she couldn't handle it all first so she fucked the top with some strokes it felt nice than she just looked at me lean down kissed me for long while she slowly but her longer and longer in. Oh my, it was good! When she but all her weight on I pulled up my back locked it in, she moan and start to breath heavly. It was so sexy and turned on. Than she start to grind it before she get up and down and start to ride me. Damn it felt good she's getting more wet (it start to get noice down there), she start to moan and breath more and heavily. After some min of her humping me try to not to cum she stoped and lay down on me and kissed me, thought first she cum. But she got to rest some :)

We changed I stand up for a while and humped her for some min before my stamina getting low. Than for some reason I asked her to get in cowgirl again not doggy....so she climbed up again. Fucked, kissed grabed each other. Now I couldn't hold it in for longer so told her "I'm cumming, baby" I stoped fuck her while she started to humped me I grabbed her ass harder while she fucked me faster and harder. Than I cum up in her, we kissed eached other thought she would go up and hit the shower but she was still fucking me. I grabbed her ass while we kissed. Lovely. She asked a min or two after I cum and she continue fucking me if I were satisified.....My answer "Hell yeah" kissed her.

It was GFE for real! Not that many who still kiss and fuck you when you cum. It's like when you get up/put your condom away they are out if the room, not Natasa. She seems to want all the ball milk....and some more ;)

Natasa: 9,8/10 (only down side is that you can't finger fuck her pussy but what a heck I survive, her English was real great her text was almost 100%, her speak and understanding worst but much better than most at least top 5)

Sex: 9,8/10 (same as above)

If I recommend and come back: As soon we both are in Copenhagen

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Guest Playful

Natasa er dejlig. Jeg har fået top behandling hver gang. Må sku snart besøge hende igen.

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I had a short visit in Copenhagen and saw that her add was on.

Once more a lovely meeting, this time I booked longer and we lay down under the sheets the time felt like you had your girlfriend their until some min when Natasa took her hand foudling my balls and flinked up the sheets gave me a nice kiss before she went down and sucked me. After awhile she took away the sheets and put on some gel and climbed on in a cow girl, gently she took tip of my cock and put it in and out for some strokes before she let her own weight pulled it down the whole way she lean over my head and when she hit the bortom she moaned in my ear. Than she start to giggle it and start to jump up and down while she moan. Oh my what a turn on!

We kissed and foundle her lovely ass and tits, than she turned around in reverse cow girl, and I start to pump her she got lauder and louder and I squeezed her tits from behind. In one move she turned around gave me a long tounge kiss before she start to hump me again. Now I couldn't handle much more, whispered that I where close to cum, so she lean down kissed me while I pumped here and cum inside her she straight up herself and contine to get up and down and felt and hear my cum maid noice when our bodies met, lovely. Went in to the bathroom cleaned up some, she was still in the bed kissed some more and laid under the sheets again and foundle each other. Than round two start I was so aroused and horney so that round didn't took that long and the time was close to one hour. A third time might be possible but felt like all my energy was out.


So hope we can meet up once more and I might order longer or extra....


10/10 super!

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Hi! (Sorry for long text)

I can see it’s almost exactly two years since I met Natasa first time for an outcall meeting in 30min in my hotel room. Best decide ever and I had one more outcall meeting with her after my first meeting for 1h. Than she start to has just incalls, I’m not that guy who do incalls (a lot of bad experiance before), but got two positive once with Lilly&Giggy (where are they nowdays?) and than of course with Natasa, Natty or Tanja (name she used here in CPH). I’ve visit this angel several times now at her place, so I’ve lost the counting of times :)

Every time is diffrent and before the meetings I get so excited (like when you try something new) and after our meetings I’ve always look into my calender if I’m in CPH next time she’s here (we always talk before, between and after our sessions).

One other thing is about her bookings or our meetings. When Natasa are in CPH it’s always someone new who write a review about her or request how she is (also customers like me who write a new one). My point is that she seems very full booked when she’s here, but on all our meets I’ve call or text Natasa, she answered directly or maybe the longest wait I had one time when she text me back after 15 min. She also seems avaible and we book meetings in one hour after first contact (except my first visit, but than I want an appointment later that evening). During our meetings no SMS signals or calls from other customers (maybe that’s why I love her that much she’s a pro), many other GP’s out there known and unknown for me, always still got there phone on with sound (getting notice/calls from other customers, GP’s friends she live with, the pimp/driver and so on, very annoying), I’ve never notice that with Natasa, that she put up her phone to look at it during our meetings (except one time, but I asked her about the time due to an important meeting after).

I would say I’m one of her regual customers don’t visit her everytime she’s in CPH but several times per year the latest two years. Last time I visit her were for a half year ago in the spring at the place in Amager she has been in all those time she just had incalls (more than 1,5 years ago). I’ve try to visit her two times this year, since than but missed her and seen that she changed place once in Frederiksberg and wrote last two or three times new address in Amager. The place she had this time is better in my point of view than the other one she had in Amager maybe not that close to a Metro/train station, but apartment and place feels more private. Location isn’t that far some km South.

Always funny (in my point of view) with our meetings are that I always say when calling or text 1h meeting. On the way to Natasa I always think first time when we had 30 min outcall and first incall 1h I last the whole time, but our second outcall 1h I let her go after 45-50 min and the same with all my 1h bookings at her place I leave her apartment with 10-15 min to spare (NB! Not that she didn’t kick me out, more that I almost faith, my energy/stamina are out/low so almost thinking to take taxi back to my hotel instead of walk 5 min to closest Metro). So the latest bookingd I always thougt if I just should book 45 min instead of a full hour. She always ask me after she got in to my hotel room or after I’ve taken my jacket of in her aparment, for how long I’ll book (don’t know If she got same thought as I’ve had or that she wonder If we shouldn’t take a longer session I request that once but regret it just before I get to her) and I always answer 1h with a smile and give her the money and kiss her and continue. Okey in my point of view it’s about 100 DKK lose from me and yes after several meetings I might get one or two meetings ”for free”. But what a heck that woman are worth more than those extra (I would still visit her if she put up her prices).

Latest visit than last time she was here for one/two week ago I had a thought to reach the full hour, I would start to have more fore play with Natasa (often she just got her sexy underwear, she got on the diffrent pictures she used before and now and a bath rube around her lovely body). This time she open the door with sport jacket with a zipper (unzipped :P) and training pants in cottons. When business was done and I throw away my cloth, Natasa had put the money away and met up with me at the end of the bed. We started to kiss each others and yeah it didn’t  took me many seconds before my both hands was grabbing her lovely ass outside those pants. First it felt she didn’t get any nickers at all, so my fingers start to explore it and some min with long tongue kissing my hands found the way in to her pants and now I felt her bare and smooth skin and also felt she got thongs on ;) she

We took our tounges away from each other and start to kiss around each others necks and over bodies. Natasa also took her shirt off I remember that, because my eyes went from her face down on her lovely tits and when our eyes mets again she smile (I had probably the face expression like a boy who never seen two tits before, but those tits I’ve seen, foundle, liked, sucked several times) and we laugh some and start another long tongue kissing session still standing up in front of the bed. At the moment I had just my underwear on me, so we broke up our quite intense kissing session once more (I almost gasping for air), my hands where still in her pants foundle those two lovely ass cheeks, so Natasa start to cares with her mouth, lips and tounge along my neck down at the same time she start to foundle with her hands along my back to my underwear start to cares outside them while her head are around my nippel area and she kissed and liked them gentle. It was very sensual, sexy and intense so I look up and felt I were in heaven. At that moment due to my hand slipped out her pants (because she bent her ass and body too far for my hands to reach) and cares her back and head with her lovely soft hair, Natasa than starts to take her pants off (giggle it first before she reached with one hand). Some seconds later our eyes meets again and my thoughts get back from heaven to earth again and I didn’t feel that ass anymore, so it didn’t take long before my hands got there again and now her pants was gone but she still got her sext matching (black at least dark colour) set of bra and thongs left. I whispear in her ear and joked if she used magic to take those pants away, we laugh and started to kiss each other once more, soon Natasa unhooked her nice bra off and let those lovely tits out and short after we broked up the kissing once more. We smiled and my hands stop grabb her ass to reach up to her beloved tits and start to foundle them instead. While I found two other stuff to foundle with my hands, Natasa also seems to have something in her hands, so she start to reached with her both hands around my underwear and after cares outside, she put one hand in my underwear (as I did before with my two hands in her pants) and start to treat my cock who at the moment have been more than active, not 100% erected but not that far from it. She start to stroke it and some strokes later her other hand start to take my underwear off. When they hit the floor I picked them up at the same time we kissed and cares each other I throw them where I put the rest of my cloth in a sofa. Natasa look at the throw and start to smile due to I hit bulls eye the top, I looked back and we laugh. We both lost grip of each other, but remember she took a grab of my stick and pushed me closer to me and we started to tongue kiss again. This was exactly what I want some nice fore play (just like with your girlfriend/wife/partner. Not like with other GP’s when it’s givning money, cloth off, oral and than sex.

While we went in for another lovely tongue kissing session my hands find back to her ass and Natasa start to give me more of a hand job, but she didn’t do that many strokes before she start to put her thongs aside and start to rub my cock’s head against her clit, I start to squeeze her ass cheeks harder this was a quite big turn on for me, but it start to get more heat. Except of rub it against her clit she start to jerk it and rub it between her bare pussy lips and after some strokes there I start to feel she started to get moist down there too. After awhile she start to breath heavier and moan. Don’t know if it was for me or if she actually start to get quite horny and turned on by our fore play I felt she got some more moist/wet between her pussy lips but I had also licked my finger once for moist her clit and my cock. Anyway I enjoy it very much and the real heat was when she lean her head on shoulder and got her mouth very close my ear and with all that she did with my cock and her moaning directly to my ear and also I grab that lovely ass I couldn’t hold it more due to I got that horney my mind had just one thought to have sex, so I felt the fore play was over. I took away one hand from her ass cheek and cares her face took the other hand and put up her head from my shoulder to kiss her.

We seperated by me sat down in the bed and Natasa put her thongs off not like me throw mine away, but she first turned her back to me while she slowly took her thongs off, so they slowly went down her long beloved legs (maybe I were too horney, but it felt it was played in slowmotion). When she put her thongs on her pile of cloth, she joined up with me in the bed and now we are both totally nude. Me sitting up in the end of the bed and she astride over me with her tits in my face (so start to lick and kiss them), my hands on her ass and she continue rub my cock on her clit and outside her pussy lips. After awhile she also started to get up and down, due to now I had a quite rock hard cock and at the moment she didn’t need to use her hands anymore, but she start to slide her pussy lips up and down (simulate sex in cow girl without my cock slide in her pussy hole). Got damn this was teasing I looked up and told her that, she just smile and went down some to give me a nice kiss with tongue and say: you do?... I told her I loved it and also said I try not to cum, we laugh. She continue with some ups and downs (before my cock start to get own thoughts) so third-fourth time she get down my cock wiggle some centimeter and hit her pussy hole I felt she was quite wet but she was still very tight the head went in but than it stopped and both looked at each other and laugh. So I started to crawl up in the bed and asked If we could continue in a 69 position. With a fast turn I’ve got that lovely ass and pussy in my face, before I start to really understand it’s not a dream I had my cock in Natasa’s mouth and her tongue goes crazy...damn she’s good. I start to do my part.

After a while I feel that Natasa want to continue with some sex so she stop sucking but I continue lick her, now it’s more facesitting oooh what a turn on most that she getting quite wet and moan more. So much I get that horney so gasp for some air and say let’s fuck. It didn’t take many seconds before Natasa was in a cowgirl position and slowly use her whight to get my cock further and further in her pussy (as before she was quite wet, but still quite tight). It’s a real turn on, tease I almost feel to explode already. I hold it in to not cum and after some min in cowgirl we change to Natasa lay on her back but once more my stamina went low, so we changed once more after three-four min to doggy. That view and all the attempts to cum before and her moaning and the wet noice from our genitals didn’t do many moves before I explode and oh my it was a load (almost like I had save for a half year). She start to giggle her ass and move back and forward, oh she’s naughty. She had wipes to take care of my creampie, and to take away the mess around my cock. Throw away the wet wipes and she asked If I want something to drink, so took a glass water she already poored up, and she asked If I wanted massage, I said yes. So I lay on my stomach and she astride as in cowgirl position. She reach for some oil and when she put her ass/pussy back on my back it seems all my cum didn’t went out so get some cream on back she said sorry and wiped it away. We laugh and she continue the massage. It was so good, so I relaxed that much I almost felt asleep.

We had a nice talking session before we started to kiss each other again and I saw in Natasa’s eyes that she wanted to start a second round. She start to cares my cock with one of her hands and played with her nails around the area quite teasing and sensual performance and after some min she start to lean down with her uper body and she put my quite slack cock in her mouth (she know how to use it). I looked down at my cock it looked quite sleepy/dead (I can understand been erected for so long, stopped so many times for not cum and later on pump out all that) :P. As I wrote before and others in her reviews she is that great, so after some min with her lips, mouth and tongue work my slacked/dead cock standed to erected once more. I were so impressed thought it was impossible, but before I even started a second thought she had jumped up with her leg over me and once more she slowly went down with all her weight gently in a cowgirl position and start to ride me once more, so nice. After some humps she turned around in reversed cowgirl position and continue fucking me, some min later she start to leaning back so I fucked her while I grabbed her lovely tits from behind. I can be honest after that cum/orgasm I had before I still didn’t get how my cock will be able for a second round but I blame Natasa and her sexyness. It didn’t took long in that position before I started to feel that feeling I need to think about other things or I blast. At the same time Natasa lean forward instead and started to fuck me in diffrent speed and after some min max five. She just fuck my tip of my cock head damn that was teasing. So much I felt that I’m close to cumming, so I say to her that I’m about to cum again and she start to move faster and fuck my brain out, but in the moment of secon before I cum. I moved some and she was up in the air, so my cock get out of her pussy hole, so I cum first some outside her (was quite long shot) before she pressed down so much on my cock with her pussy and body it looked in to her hole again and I still pulsed my juice in she, got damn that felt nice (it was quite funny reaction by her like she didn’t want my cum anywhere else than in her pussy). I got so exhausted with that orgasm I almost felt I faint.. Natasa continue to fuck me and I felt the cum went out on the side on my cock and also saw it dripped from her pussy lips. Damn she’s good. Wiped the cum off and start to get to my pile of cloth find my phone it went 51 min since we booked and I’ve got there around 5 min before. ;)

What I remember she will be back again in December so in few weeks

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newpussyhunter skrev, 1 time siden:

Yes, but is she the same as this one:

Natasa is in Cph again** 100% real foto I confirm with tattoo!

Nej det er ikke den samme pige.

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