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From Lizbeth with love

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My dear gentlemen,

Thank you for the a fantastic year here in Copenhagen.

You have by far exceeded my dearest hopes and you still keep surprising me with your kindness, gentleness and good manners.

Thank you for continuously trusting me with your time and desires.

Yours with love,


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It is us that should thank you Dear Liz.

For being such a wonderful and nice woman that makes our lives happier and more interesting.

I still think about our one wonderful meeting back in February and how nice you where to a tall and rather nervous Swede.

Our meeting was more then I could have hoped for.

Sadly all the events with Corona and then the train problems 2 weeks ago.

Hope to meet you again, at some point, maybe when the world is a bit less crazy.


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I am speechless, dear @LizbethPrecious1

We owe you everything! 

We do not only desire you and trust you.

We adore and love your grace, magic and your beauty, that you bestow on  this city so far at north.

Autumn is on its way.

But believe me: the beauty of endless summer nights returns every time, when you are here.


Redigeret af cobham

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Dear Lizbeth

It is us who have to thank you. What a pleasure it has been to have you here. Thank you for choosing Denmark and staying here so long. You are simply the best.

And now the people in Århus have a chance to experience you as well. How lucky they are!

Redigeret af Oliekongen

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Dear Lizbeth,

I only had the pleasure once and very recently. A very warm sunday afternoon mid August.

You made an impression that will last, and I am grateful for having met you. It was in preparations for arranging our next meeting, I observed this news now.

Your tenderness, living eyes, beautiful hands and female attributes are gifts of God or Mother Nature (as you prefer) when they are at their very best.

But your attitude from the very first contact, your genuine interest in securing expectations aligned prior to and fulfilled during our meeting, the ambience you surround with and your systematic approach, witness an intellect and empathy deliberately and carefully developed far beyond most of human beings, including myself.

Gentlemen like @cobham and @Miller's Crossing try list you in the Order of Angels or current Top Ten based on some kind of competitive advantages.  I could relate to their assessments, but In my humble opinion, you are out of category, out of this world.  But the Angels will let us know if and when you return to our beloved city.

Take care


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