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FAKE announces in Aalborg

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Hello all,


Sorry but my danish is not good enough to write so I will do it in english.


An open question. Does anyone know why are there SO MANY FAKE announces and nobody reports them? I usually check annoncelight/escortside. Basically, all announcements in capital letters are FAKE. Photos are fake (checked on website: tineye.com). Is there anything I am doing wrong or the options i Aalborg are more than sad?


Here are some examples:







and I could follow.. (you can check yourselves)


Once I visited a girl (in Heimdalsgade). Photos were completely fake, it was just a complete other person, other age (much older, other breast type, hair colour..everything!). She said if you dont like it you leave, so I just left. I am not sure, but I believe that they are now at the main campus (sigrid undsets vej). If fake, I would totally recommend NOT to visit them. It is a waste of time and money.


Anyone thinks the same? Other options please?

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De bagmænd/kvinder, som laver disse fake annoncer er blot nogle kedelige personer, så måden at straffe dem på, er at vende om, hvis modellen ikke passer, med det som var lovet! :rolleyes:

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