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The one and only, Mina.

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I will keep this in English and it will be my first and last review.

Short intro:
It has almost been 10 years since I started using Brothels and Escort Girls, in between my few relationships.
It is costly and I must say that often the experience has not satisfied the cost.
New winds are blowing and the last escort I will ever use has just left my flat about 40 minutes ago.
This visit is one I will count amongst my best experiences and well worth the cost.

Mina arrived on time, her pictures are a few years older, but actually she looks astonishing.
She is your best friends sister, slim and slender, and what a body.
I am not into thin girls, and to my measure, Mina is slim and slender, not thin.
She used the bathroom quickly and when she came back the Naughty GFExperience began.
What others have said about Mina is true, she is naughty and nice, and she knows what she likes.
Luckily she likes some of the same things I do. Best blowjob ever!, and a lot of good fun.
All in all I will remember my experience with Mina fondly, and I damn sure hope you guys out there treat her well, she deserves it.

Final verdict:
On time, honest, naughty, astonishing looks and no bullshit acting, she is just Mina.

Kind regards
Mr. John Compaq

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Thanks for the great review. I must say, Mina is one of my all time favourites for exactly the same reasons as you.

She knows what she likes, and she looks pretty much like her photos, even though they are some years old. And I'll be DAMNED, if someone treats her bad, she doesn't deserve that. 

I'm just happy that she's back - again :-)

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