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Hej på er alle! Jag skriver som jag brukar på engelsk med lite dansk svensk touch. :-oHåll till godo...

As miss Hell held her now half legendary gangbang yesterday I was in town. It was great as usual. Miss Hell is awesome and so is Mr Hell as our host. But this thread is not about that. Because the same weekend one of my favourite places had a line up that might be the best they have had, at least visually. Mansiongirls have three piger this week and visually all three are hot hot and hot.



First I met Regina. Visually very hot. Nice porno bryster and a petite young pige. Tight hot body. We have heard about her before here at eroguide. When I visit a young pige I do not expect a service and social skills of a say 30 year old. The germans have a very good word for this. Opti. Which means in short terms visually very pleasing but less focus on good service or good action. Regina was really ok from my expectations. As I said, we cannot expect a young pige to have the experience of a older person. With that in mind I was fine with Regina. Mansion is a place where you can find both heaven and hell. When it is good, it is world top class. When less good, not heaven..

 But to be honest, I usually speak very good of Seduction girls, but this years worst experience for me came there. I have had many great times at Seduction 2016 but once was terrible. So not only piger at Mansion have bad days at work. 

Next I met Barbie. A superhot young pige with a hot hot silicone numse. Very hot pige. Body and face. And her service surprised me in the positive direction. She is also mentioned before at eroguide. I took a few extra services which can add the service but for being such a young pige, I had a very nice time. I had to pinch my arm because she had the nicest silicone numse I have seen. In europe it is not so common but over in the US it is more and more popular. I do not like it to big but Barbies was just perfect. A very nice experience with Barbie, but remember,do not expect to much as we are talking less experience of both the business and life experience in general. I enjoyed my session with Barbie a lot!

Then of course I save the best for last. 45 minutes in heaven with miss Debbie White.

Debbie White needs no introduction. I have written about her before. I have met a few piger along my way now as a dedicated lover of sin and adult fun and Debbie is at the top. Period. One of my two hobbies, (the other one is music), has been practised mainly in Denmark, Germany, Holland and USA. And for me I have not met anyone like Debbie. I can name like 5 piger I feel stand out for me. In different ways. Debbie is one of those. And she is still hot as hell. But I visit her basically every time she is in Denmark so of course we know each other by now but Debbie is popular not only in my camp. I saved the best for last. I will visit Debbie next time around, which will probably be in November. 

That is it for me. What a weekend. Started out with an awesome gangbang and ended with the legendary star Debbie White. I am done... 

Ha det fint nu alle där ute. Tack för en AWESOME weekend!

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Ja pornobryster er doktorns gåva till mänskligheten.... Jag minns första gången jag var på Spearmint Rhino i Las Vegas. Pornopigernes paradis. Ever since I am addicted... Men jag uppskattar även ett par nice naturals.... 

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