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Hej på er. Jag skriver på engelsk så förstår de flesta. Here we go...

I saw Alia a number of times when she started out in the business. At that time at another place from now. As always the personal chemistry is important, but it surely was and is something special about Alia. For me she is one of those piger that has THAT. And THAT is rare. I am talking about the combination of hot, hot looks and the great all in spirit. That combination is not very common but it happens. Alia has it! And I know some others here at eroguide feel the same way about this pige.

Alia has reached some kind of star status in the business and here at eroguide, and she deserves this in my opinion. I was very glad when I saw she was going to be at sexysecret this week. So it was just for me to start the engines.


A very nice place by the way and a place that is not mentioned that often. 

First of all, Alia is not a  low budget alternative, but if high quality is of interest, Alia is a great companion. To be honest, this was even better than before. Alia is 2016 in my opinion even hotter than before. The tango we had is a full package tango with no steps missing in my world. I could not ask for a better time. Tack Alia!

If Alia is around at sexysecret, I will return. She is far from the average...

Tack för er tid. Vi hörs och ses.

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As there are no standard prices at sexy secret from what I know the price may go up and down depending on certain things. It was more than standard klinik but reasonable. Especially for the top notch quality I know Alia deliver with me. I can send you a private. /A

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