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I have been meaning to write this since I have met her.

I went onto escortguide.dk and I chose to text her because I tend to get a feel on how girls are via text and she was super friendly on text. So I chose her.  At first she said 1500 dkk and then two hours later she said 1700 dkk for superfrench deep, massage and 1 hour.  I was kinda turned off, but she was sweet enough to say 1500.  So I agreed to come.

The place is discrete and when I came in she was this long slender beautiful Russian woman.  We talked and WOW, she is one intelligent friendly lady.  It was a friendly environment, like a bf coming home to his gf.  So then we got started...

She took off her robe and she danced for me while I was on her luxurious big bed and it was a beautiful site.  It didnt look rehearsed.  It looked like she loved doing it.  She came over to me like she was my girlfriend.  She was a great kisser, a great tease and when she gave me head, she is THE DEEPTHROAT QUEEN! She was sloppy and she took me in.  And when we fucked not going to lie, I came fast, but during that, we locked eyes and it was awesome.

Okay, the massage was amazing! She talked like a girlfriend and she gave me one hell of a good massage... The best and I would totally come back to just pay her for the massage.  That is how good it was.

We continued again.  The second time we fucked... I just have to say the placement of the mirror right behind the bed was a great place.  The reason why I say that is because I took her from behind and the site of looking at her nice ass and catching a glimpse of her in the mirror. Just my god it was heaven.

That being said. Guys do yourself a favor and visit her!

8/10 for the body.  Not usually into slender girls.

10/10 for personality

Sex 10/10

9/10 overall

Cheers from California

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Guest Aalborgenseren

Kan kun tilslutte mig trådstarter, at Baleri er et fantastisk bekendtskab! Hun deepthroater som en drøm, billederne er 100% ægte og hun er utrolig behagelig at være

sammen med! Kan varmt anbefales!!  

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