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Helena - WOW once again

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Helena is a gorgeous and nice girl. Everytime she open the door with a smile on her lips. She is soo hot and she is very pretty....her eyes...wow,.... you will drown in those dark eyes with long eyelashes. She's tall and a bit curvey as I have said in a report earlier, but this doesn't matter, she's got the tighest waste, you can almost grab around it:). She will be her 7 days more which means she will leave the 23rd or 24th if I got it right.

She was standing in doggyposition, as in her last picture :) , and i slowly took her lingerie off and started to lick from behind.What a sight :D I licked for a while and put my tongue in her ass which she appriciated, as far as I understood. She sucked me a short while, she is really good with her lips and mouth, but I decided that this time I will focus on the real sex part. I got inside and she said that I should be a bit careful. "Am I the first customer today" I asked....no but you are big. She is tight, but it was not a problem for her as we came further in to the session. I hope she enjoyed because the cream put on at start was not used further on. We started in the missionar and she is soo great! Everytime I feel that she loves what she is doing, at least she get me to feel that :)  After a while we went to the American style, with me standing on my knees on the flooring pumping this beautiful girl in a fast pace at the same time as she kissing her own breast. I use stop and go technique to not come to early which is working fine for me. Sometimes I just wait a while inside, other times I lick pussy for a while and since she is soo hot, this combo was awesome. We went to my fav position...doggy...and she got som pillows under to lift up her bum and since her pussy is a good looking one this is  an awesome sight. I think we where in this position in 15 min and I stopped, licked her ass and pussy, went inside againg and pumping until we both were exhausted and I was close to coming. So, with all this stop and go, I built up an enormous pressure that was released in the final part :D when she started to suck......and with these eyes looking at you it does not take many seconds until you explode.......and I did :D  .......now I sit here, longing for the next time a can afford to pass by this beautiful girl again. Thanks Helena, you are the best girl visisting Copenhagen for the last rolling 12 month period. Anna at Thorsgade is close behind, but I guess it's the chemistry that puts Helena in the first place.

Looks: 10


Service: 10 (light kisses though but I don't care about this so much)

Sex: 10+++

I love you Helena :D



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